Customer Support Team

Our experienced sales and customer service teams work together to provide guidance and support to solve problems and create solutions.  

Sales Team 

Bill RickertBill Rickert
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Pattie Szanti Pattie Stout Szanti
Senior Sales Manager 
Pet Specialty


Rick Alex Rick Alex
Senior Sales Manager


Chris McTallChris McTall
Senior Sales Manager


Laurie BaughmanLaurie Baughman
Sales Manager
Mail Order and E-Commerce

Mark HaakeMark Haake
Senior Account Manager


Mikaela HicksMikaela Hicks
Senior Account Manager

Wayne KetchamWayne Ketcham 
Senior Account Manager

Stephanie UnkeferStephanie Unkefer
Account Manager

Jeff PolenJeff Polen
Account Manager


Zeb MadsenZeb Madsen
Sales Manager


Ashley SicklesAshley Sickles
Sales Manager
Licensed and OEM




Customer Service Team

Eva YohoEva Yoho
Customer Service Manager

Joanne FiddlerJoanne Fiddler
Southeast Account Service Coordinator
 Assistant Manager

Jolene HuffmanJolene Huffman
National Accout Service Coordinator
Assistant Manager 


Sonja SalingSonja Saling

Tammy EckertTammy Eckert
Midwest Account Service Coordinator

Dawn FindlingDawn Findling
Northeast Account Service Coordinator

Kim MorrisKim Morris
Southwest Account Service Coordinator

Abigail HarrisonAbbee Harrison
West Coast Account Service Coordinator


Susan PintoSusan Pinto
 Canada Account Service Coordinator
Beckie CourtneyBeckie Courtney
 Licensed Account Service Coordinator

Brittany SchwitzgebelBrittany Schwitzgebel
      PSP Account Service Coodinator
Deb StraderDeb Strader
Account Service Coordinator

Tina McCrackenTina McCracken
    Mass Account Service Coordinator
Brooke ThornberryBrooke Thornberry
  National Account Service Coordinator