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Retailer Best Practices

Getting in the habit of placing orders frequently and on a consistent basis, equipping your associates with the expertise they need to sell your products, and taking advantage of special programs are great ways to set yourself up for success and maximize your profit potential.

Order Frequency Maximizes Profit

It’s a simple fact that you can’t sell what’s not on your wall. A stocked wall, coupled with the proper SKU mix, maximizes turns and increases profitability.

Setting up a routine for placing orders on a consistent basis enables retailers to increase inventory turns, reduce costs and enjoy more bottom line profit. The best way to get in the habit of placing orders on a timely basis (typically biweekly) is to submit a refill order as soon as the current order has been hung on the wall.

Knowledge is Power: Selling Specialist Program

Product expertise and advice will help set your store apart from the competition, giving you the edge you need to keep your customers coming back. To arm you with the tools you need in your product arsenal, Coastal Pet has developed a Selling Specialist Program to educate your employees on all things Coastal Pet.

New for 2014, Coastal Pet is offering the entire Selling Specialist Program in a convenient, interactive online format. Check out exactly what you need from the full library of product knowledge and merchandising tips, available at your fingertips anytime. The program encourages employees to become familiar with products, make the best recommendations, and satisfy the specific needs of your customers.

Upon completing the program, associates take a quiz and receive a Selling Specialist shirt. From instructions on how to fit a harness or choose the right grooming tool to effective merchandising and detailing the wall, the Selling Specialist Program covers it all.

Contact for your link to the free Selling Specialist Program.

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