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National Animal Safety and Protection Month

_DSC5868We know you’re constantly worried about keeping your pet safe. Here are some helpful tips for keeping them out of harm’s way for National Animal Safety and Protection Month.

  • As the days grow shorter, and the sun sets a little earlier, there are added safety concerns that come with after-work walks with your pup. Reflective products can help ensure that you and your dog will be visible to traffic during hours with low lighting. Lazer Brite® dog collars and leashes are reflective up to 600 feet away and feature fun designs for the fashion conscious. The Coastal® Reflective Wrap Adj. Harness has reflective piping and a patch for added visibility while walking. Other products like the K9 Explorer®, Pro and Coastal® Power Walker® lines feature reflective stitching for an additional layer of safety.


  • Pets sometimes escape or become lost, and no one likes the worry of wondering where they are and if they will be found. A pet that is wearing an ID tag, personalized collar or has a microchip is more likely to be returned when they are found than one that isn’t. If your dog is prone to losing ID tags, a personalized collar allows you to incorporate your dog’s name and contact information directly on the collar.  


  • Occasionally the biggest harms can come from items in your home. Make your house pet safe by storing common household hazards like insecticides, batteries, fertilizers, cleaners and antifreeze out of reach. Keep your floors clear of small objects that may become a choking hazard for your pet. Before buying a new plant, or giving those begging eyes a bite of what’s in your hand, research what plants and foods could make your pet sick.


  • Whether you’re traveling with your pet on a short trip to the vet or taking them on a family vacation, it is important that they are contained in the car. Cats and small dogs may be crated or placed in a carrier to keep them from distracting the driver and contained in case of an accident. Auto harnesses may be used on dogs to minimize driving distractions and protect pets during travel. Auto travel barriers and booster seats are additional ways to keep pets contained while in the car.


  • As much as your pet may hate the vet, regular trips can help protect your pet from diseases and health problems. A vet will provide your pet with necessary vaccines to protect them, as well as offer guidance on how to properly care for them. Vets are able to assist if pets become over weight by prescribing a diet and exercise plan that will work for them.


Taking the necessary measures to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe will provide you with more years of kitty cuddles and puppy kisses.