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Paw It Forward


My nightly routine tends to consist of scrolling through Facebook for about an hour looking at cute animal pictures. You know, the ones where the cows are sitting in a field like dogs, the cats are snuggling up to their family and the dogs are usually doing something funny that makes me laugh. I was partaking in my usual nightly activity when I stumbled across a good friend’s adorable picture of her kissing a dog that wasn’t hers. So, I paused in my cute animal pursuit and decided to read her caption. This is what it said:

Initial Post

Her post got me thinking, what if we did something similar as a Coastal family? Our gears started turning and we came up with the Paw It Forward initiative. Seemed fitting to participate during the month of November since it’s Animal Shelter Appreciation month!

As our paw it forward initiative we decided to go to our local humane society and give new collars and toys to the dogs that have been at the shelter for an extended period. We thought we would make the dogs’ day with a new toy and hopefully get them noticed by prospective adopters with their new fun collars. 

First up is Luke. Luke is a purebred sweet potato. He just wanted to get pets and scratches. He was super laid back and just wanted to be snuggled. We gave him a brightly colored collar and a new toy, but he preferred to snuggle, and people watch. He walked perfectly on a leash and would make a great companion.


Next up is Tank. He was hilarious! He didn’t show well in his cage, but as soon as the door was open he was a completely different dog. He was sweet, loveable and ready to play. He LOVED his new toy so much that he laid on the floor and rolled around with it. Later, we saw a volunteer going on a run with him and were told that he is a great running companion too!

Tank 2

Our last stop for the night was with Katie. She is a perfect mix of sweet, lovable and playful. She received a new flowery teal collar that really popped on her coat. She also got a new toy that she proceeded to prance around with. She has the cutest run, resembling a cross between a baby deer and a dog that is hard not to fall in love with.


Now, we challenge you to Paw It Forward. Get creative with it! You could donate lightly used toys, take nice photos of the animals to help get them adopted or just spend some time making their day. It’s up to you, but we encourage you to share your photos with us using the hashtag #pawitforwardwithcoastal.

If you think any of the above-mentioned dogs are your perfect match, you can check them out here:




Let’s get them adopted!