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Winter Bonding Activities for Pets

Winter Bonding Activities for You and Your PupWinteractivities

There’s no denying that it can be “ruff” finding activities to keep your pup active during the winter months.  Despite the cold, wintry weather, it is important that your dog still receives his or her necessary exercise. On days where taking a walk or playing outside is too unbearable, try these indoor bonding activities to keep your dog’s mind and body active.

Hide and Seek

If your dog has a strong nose, this game is the one for you. Hide your dog’s favorite toy or treat somewhere in the house and tell him to “find it.” This is a prime time to teach your pup the “go find” command.

Brain Games

Collect three empty containers in the house (these can be plastic bowls or even coffee canisters) and place your pup’s favorite treat underneath one of the containers. Tell your dog to “go get it” and wait until he finds his treat under the right canister. This is a great way to test your pup’s sniffer and to stimulate his mind.

Tug and Fetch

The traditional tug of war and fetch don’t require too much moving room – and are great ways to keep your dog’s frame strong during the winter months. Just be sure to take down any breakable items that may get in the way during play time.

Clean Up

Channel your dog’s energy with the “clean-up” command. First, place all of your dog’s toys on the ground. Then have your dog pick up a toy and bring it back to your toy bin. Reward your pup with treats at this time and continue until each toy is picked up.

Bubble Chase

It’s true – dogs really do love bubbles! Find animal-friendly bubbles at the store and let ‘em blow once you get to the house. If anything will get a dog to prance around, it’ll be this when he gets the chance to chase and pop them.

Stair Dash 

Throw one of your pup’s ball toys down the stairs and wait for him to bring the toy back up the stairs to you. This is a great way for him to burn calories and stay strong while stuck inside. Get some exercise yourself by running up and down the stairs with your pup.