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Turbo Tail cat toys offer stimulating play as cats bat them around. These interactive toys come in a variety of styles including the original 8" Turbo Tail with pop-up ball, 9" Rattle Ball, 39" Telescoping Teaser, 11" Catnip Belly Crinkle Mouse with catnip refill pouch, 11" Rattle Mouse and 11" Ameba-Bug.


Crazy Cats
Jennifer Johnson
All 3 of my cats love the Turbo Tail Teaser! So much so that they've already destroyed the tail. Any chance a replacement tail will be available soon?
My Cat Loves This
One of the only toys that can draw my cats attention for hours at a time! The only complaint I have is there arent refills available, so when she inevitably destroys it I have to buy a whole new wand (which seems very wasteful).

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Growling Cat needs a new one
My cat loved this toy. When he captures it he actually growls. No other toy has caused this behavior! Alas he has destroyed it, and since there is no replacement tail available the wand now has a Da-Bird refill. Please offer replacement tails!
Need replacement tails!
Kaia Petersen
My cat loves the Turbo Tail Teaser. I also need a replacement tail. Please make them available.

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