Available in widths 3/8" to 1" and sizes 10" to 22" in a variety of bold, vibrant fade resistant colors. Quality Guaranteed.


Ideal for everyday use.

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Our Coastal Single-Ply Nylon Dog Collar is made with durability and style in mind. Available in 3/8" x 10", 12"; 5/8" x 14",16"; 3/4" x 16", 18"; and 1" x 18", 20", 22". Featuring a metal tongue buckle with four holes, this collar is easy to use with no adjustments needed. Includes a D-ring for ID tag and leash attachment.


Coastal single-ply nylon dog collar
Patricia Law
Our dog, Samantha, has had this collar since we adopted her from the shelter in 2009. The collar is still in good condition, showing little signs of wear but she needs a new, fresh collar. We will definitely buy another Coastal Single-Ply Nylon collar for her. I'm just sad that our local pet stores don't carry them, because we try to purchase all of our pet products at our local indepenedent natural-foods pet store. A great product!!!

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