For use with a flea collar. Quality Guaranteed.


For everyday use. Accommodates different thicknesses of flea collar construction.

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Product Description

The Secureaway Adjustable Flea Collar Protector covers and holds flea collars in place. Available in XSM (8-12"), SML (10-14"), MED (14-20") and LRG (18-26"). Flea collar not included. This patent-pending flea collar protector features keepers that are flexible to accommodate different thicknesses of flea collar construction.


It's cute and useful
Destiny Dion
I honestly wasn't looking for a flea collar cover. I didn't know it was a thing. I was just looking for a new collar for my dog and this one caught my eye. I immediately knew what it was because the packaging clearly states it's purpose and how to use it. I haven't put a flea and tick collar in it yet. Some people use flea collars year round, I dont until snow is gone. So I will be putting one in the next couple weeks. I have used flea and tick collars a lot though for many dogs and I have no doubt it will work as advertised. This collar is just a nylon collar with rubber pieces to keep a flea collar in place.

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