Turbo Mega Turbo Cat Toy

by Turbo

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Turbo® Mega Turbo™ Cat Toy

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The Turbo® Mega Turbo™ Cat Toy is a two-sided toy with a ball race track and extra large scratch pad. Read complete description

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Get a cat toy, scratcher and sleep pad in one with the Turbo® Mega Turbo™ Cat Toy! The extra large 14" scratch pad in the center of the Mega Turbo will satisfy your cat's urge to scratch, helping to prevent damage to your furniture. Replacement pads are available to keep the surface fresh for long-lasting use. The pad is also the perfect size for cat naps. When your cat is ready to play, sprinkle the catnip included with the toy onto the pad for an added boost of energy. The Mega Turbo also features a smooth racing track with ball that will have your cat chasing and playing for hours. Flip the toy over to reveal a fun peek-a-boo toy for your cat. Get the Mego Turbo for your cat's next playtime for hours of fun!

  • Round race track with ball encourages play and exercise.

  • Double-sided design for added variety during play.

  • Extra large 14" scratch pad helps prevent cats from damaging furniture.

  • Catnip included to boost energy during playtime.

  • Non-skid bottom prevents toy from slipping during play.

  • Replacement scratch pads available for long-lasting use.


Perfect for Scratching.


Two-sided cat toy and scratcher for active play.

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Customer Reviews

kittyshrink - Aug 29 2017

Best Ball-in-Track toy EVER

I sold pet supplies for 20 years, so believe me, I've tried 'em ALL: THIS track ball is the ultimate! One light push and it rolls forever, with an kitty-attention-grabbing rumble. Even my overweight asthmatic grumpy cat plays with it occasionally, and the two younger cats use it multiple times a day with NO encouragement. I purchased it as an alternative to a scratching post, and it is serving that purpose admirably as well. As with any scratcher - and many toys - LOCATION IS KEY if you want it to get frequent use: mine is next to a busy spot in our house. Even in a different spot, though, that nearly-self-propelling ball would get a daily workout!

Cathydintx - Jan 31 2019


BEST CAT TOY EVER MADE!!!! My 15 year old cat loves this toy. She plays with it multiple times every day and meows at me to play with her. I love this toy and recommend it to anyone who can find it. Ive tried to find another one for my son and have been unsuccessful. If you come across one, grab it! You wont be sorry.