Rascals Fetch Toy Tri-Tug

by Rascals

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Rascals® Fetch Toy Tri-Tug
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  • Withstand tugging, shaking and chewing with durable polyester & nylon material.

  • Maximum visibility with contrasting colors

  • Perfect for playful dogs of all sizes.

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Tug, shake and chew for hours with the Rascals® Fetch Toys! These toys can withstand even the roughest play time with their durable, heavy-duty polyester and nylon construction. Encourage active play with running, tugging and shaking — the Rascals Fetch Toys can handle it! Take these toys with you to the beach for some fun in the water too. The tug toy and hexagon float, plus their contrasting colors and engaging shapes make them easy to spot.


Floats. Heavy Duty.


Ideal for everyday use. Pet must be supervised while playing with toys. If toy becomes damaged, discard immediately.

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Customer Reviews

Hank the Tank - Mar 21 2021

Best Tug and Fetch Toy Ever

We just received this toy two days ago and it is already the most popular toy in the house. The durable material allows our teething pup to bite and tug and relieve his discomfort. The rings allow you to hold the toy and play with some protection from accidental nips while the pup is getting a better grip. The ring made with the fire hose type material is great for biting into and is durable enough it doesnâ??t rip - plus it contains a squeaker! This toy is a win win for tugging, teething and fetch. Highly recommended.

Ringo and Reba - Mar 19 2021

This is a fun one!

We love this toy! Once we chew through 1 ring, there's still some left! This is a great toy for puppies too.