Remington Reflective Dog Safety Vest

by Remington

Remington® Reflective Dog Safety Vest
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  • Allows dogs to be seen in day or night situations

  • Comfortable fit does not restrict movement

  • Assorted sizes fit dogs 18 lbs and larger

  • Lightweight, adjustable design is also waterproof.

  • Covered by Coastal's Satisfaction Guarantee.

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The Remington Safety Dog Vest is an essential tool for the safety of the hard working hunting dog. Available in MED (18-50 lbs) and LRG (over 50 lbs). Our bright orange and yellow vests have reflective strips that gives added visibility at night when exposed to light. Lightweight and water resistant, these vest are adjustable for comfortable, non-restrictive movement and fit.


Ideal for use when hunting.

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Customer Reviews

bob - Nov 7 2019

Ridiculous design

This has got to be the most unworkable, poorly-designed and user-unfriendly dog vest I have ever encountered. (I did not purchase the product as I immediately anticipated problems by looking at the design; but I got stuck having to use it for a couple days). It is difficult to imagine that Remington would allow it to go out the door with their name on it. Besides being difficult to put on (velcro placement is very problematic, under-sized and of poor quality), the vest quickly slides all the way down to one side of the dog. Every time. The vest will not stay centered on the dog's back, resulting in one side of the animal having no protective vest coverage at all. Largely useless. Way over-priced.