Rascals Latex Grunting Dog Toys

by Rascals

Rascals® Latex Grunting Dog Toys

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The Rascals Latex Grunting Dog Toy is safe, non-toxic and completely comical to have everyone smiling. Read complete description

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Sometimes toys are just as much fun for the owners as they are for the dogs. This silly herd of Rascals Grunting Toys will have everyone grinning with their animated features and comical grunting sound. All of our non-toxic dog toys are designed for hours of playful fun.

  • Cartoonish expressions

  • Comical grunting sound

  • Bright colored animal shapes

  • Non-toxic

  • BPA free


Gum Stimulating. Colorful, engaging shapes.


Ideal for everyday use. Pet must be supervised while playing with toys. If toy becomes damaged, discard immediately.

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Customer Reviews

Donna - Sep 23 2015

Grunting Pig


Drika - Jan 24 2016

Ingenious Toy

I have a Dutch Shepherd/Belgian Malinois pet and she loves this Rascal grunting pig. As an adult/human; its sound and animal design seems so real. But for Drika...its the best play & fetch toy in the house. And although she had sharp teeth as a puppy, the outer layer has protected the inner sound baffle very well. I think I'll invest in a few more....just to have around (shed, vehicles, patio, etc...). Thank you!

Mary Lou - Jul 7 2016

Great toy!

"Piggy" is our dog's favorite toy, and we love it, too, because the pig grunts instead of squeaks. Those squeaks get old! The first one lasted a couple of months....way longer than other toys he has and we are now on our second one.