Soft Basket Muzzle

by Coastal

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Soft Basket Muzzle
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  • Temporarily restrains to prevent biting, chewing and barking

  • Custom fit

  • Allows panting and drinking

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The Coastal Soft Basket Muzzle temporarily restrains to prevent biting, chewing and barking. The muzzle features a flexible silicone basket and soft padded neoprene-lined straps for comfort during use. Easily adjusts for a perfect fit. Available in sizes 1-Dachshund, Maltese Toy Poodle, 2-Cocker Spaniel, Jack Russell, West Highland Terrier, 3-Beagle, Corgi, Schnauzer, 4-Dalmation, Pointer, Husky, 5-Retriever, Boxer, Doberman, 6-Mastiff, Great Dane, St. Bernard.


Temporary muzzling solution.

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Customer Reviews

Blanche Bybee - Jan 14 2021

sizing help?

Where is the sizing chart? How am I supposed to figure out what size muzzle is right? I don't find anything on the product page. worthless

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