Easy Rider Adjustable Dog Car Harness

by Easy Rider

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Easy Rider® Adjustable Dog Car Harness
Easy Rider® Adjustable Dog Car Harness
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  • Multi-function harness can be used in the car and during walks

  • Limits your dog's mobility in the car to reduce driver distraction

  • Front connect makes it harder for your dog to pull during walks

  • Fully adjustable design provides a secure, comfortable fit.

  • Available in 5 sizes and fully adjustable

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The best way to keep your furry BFF safe in the car? Securely locked in and mobility restricted. And the Easy Rider® Adjustable Dog Car Harness makes it easy to do just that. The harness keeps your pup from roaming around the backseat while traveling, plus you can use it for walking when you get to your destination. Keep everyone in your car safe with the Easy Rider® Adjustable Dog Car Harness.


Keeps dogs safe while traveling.

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Customer Reviews

Linda P - Jul 22 2018

Terrier Love

I have a 24 pound terrier and the love ofmy life. I always think of her smaller than she is. I bought the medium and found it easy to use and adjust. She loves anything I do that requires a leash because it means we are going someplace. The best thing about this harness is it doubles as a great use for walking. She is not choking when on walks and pulling. Everyone should have one.

Harry - Nov 24 2017

Great once you learn how to adjust it.

It was very difficult figuring out how to adjust it and put it on especially with a squirming dog. Then my wife handed me a stuffed animal (four legs, no squirming) to practice on. Once I got the hang of it it was OK. Our little shipoo dog seems much happier and better behaved on his walks wearing the harness.

Kim - Dec 4 2016

Great product

I used the Easy Rider harness for my 20 lb rescue mixed breed dog Sherman for many, many years. Fortunately, we were never in an accident. However, it kept him well situated in the car. He was comfortable, but not able to just move at will, making it safer for both of us. When he saw me get the Easy Rider, he went out of his brains with excitement because he knew he was going for a car ride. The only time I had trouble getting him into the harness was when he was excited or I wasn't paying close enough attention. Else, I didn't find it all that difficult to put on him. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to him earlier this year. He was 18 1/2; a long and happy life which included lots of car rides. Thank you for such a great product that combines safety with really happy memories.

Eugene H.Harms - Apr 13 2016

Saved our do;g

We had our miniature German Schnauzer 12 1/2 # in her Easy Rider Car Harness, and we slammed into a tree that had fallen across the road, this at 4;00 AM and it was dark, The car was totaled, we weren't injured, and our little dog, Ellen, came through just fine. So, keep up the good work. Gene Harms

kathy - Jan 29 2016

saved my pup in an accident!

A lady pulled aross five lanes of traffic and hit my car sending my car over a sidewalk into a field. The harness kept oliver (a german shorthaired pointer) safely in place through the whole thing. Thank you so much for this product!!

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