Herm. Sprenger Stainless Steel Dog Chain Training Collar

by Herm. Sprenger

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Herm. Sprenger® Stainless Steel Dog Chain Training Collar
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  • Round chain with short links, making it best for short-haired dogs

  • Stainless steel with high rust resistance for long-term use

  • To determine collar size, measure your dog's neck, then add 4

  • German-made boasting superb craftsmanship and consistent quality control

  • Always consult a dog trainer before using if you are not sure how to use

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The Herm. Sprenger® Stainless Steel Dog Chain Training Collar is a safe, effective training tool when used properly. Perfect for teaching your dog proper dog leash etiquette. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the collar is designed to be durable, so you can use it to train multiple dogs over several years. (Always measure for fit before using.)


Safe, effective dog training tools with proper use.

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