Walk Right! Front-Connect No-Pull Padded Dog Harness

by Walk Right

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Walk Right!® Front-Connect No-Pull Padded Dog Harness
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  • Front-connect ring gently and naturally guides dogs to prevent pulling.

  • Designed to reduce neck strain and discomfort while walking.

  • Soft padded harness provides added comfort.

  • Back-connect ring available for standard use.

  • Easy to place on dog with simple over-the-head design.

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Walk Right

Why do dogs pull?

Pulling is the #1 issue for most dog owners. Dogs pull for lots of reasons, including pent-up energy, hyper focus on something new and interesting, they are experiencing anxiety in their current environment or maybe they just don't know not to yet. Get to know your pup and what their pulling triggers might be so that you can help them learn to feel comfortable on a leash.
Our #1 harness for preventing pulling Multiple connection points to adjust to your dog's progress Fully adjustable Keeps pressure off your dog's neck Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Why choose a harness?

DISCOURAGES PULLING. A front connect harness discourages pulling, because it limits a dog’s forward motion. JUMPING/TRAINING. If you have a dog that jumps up against people, a harness is also a good way to stop the action without worrying about choking the dog in the process. CHOKING AND INJURIES. Neck and trachea injuries can occur, even in larger dogs, if they are constantly yanking, pulling or fighting a leash. Harnesses take the direct stress off the neck and distribute the force across the chest area.

You want Complete Care

Caring for your dog is about the basic essentials of feeding and grooming, but it's also about tackling issues as they arise. Coastal Pet offers an array of solutions for walking, training and safety concerns that help you maintain a happy, healthy relationship with your dog.


Prevent pulling and tugging on your next walk with the Walk Right!® Front-Connect Padded Dog Harness! This dual-connect harness features two options for hooking on your leash to train your dog to walk properly. The front connection guides your dog by the chest strap and naturally redirects attention without causing neck strain. Once your dog is walking right, the optional back connection of the harness can be used. Your dog will love the comfort of the harness's soft padding, and you'll love how easy the over-the-head design is to put on your dog. Choose your favorite color and use this harness on your next walk!


Front-connect D-ring.


Teaches your dog to walk right.

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Customer Reviews

Diana - Feb 1 2022

Best purchase ever

We have a 7 months old Dane that loves to pull and walkings weâ??re getting impossible!!!! So we had to walk just around the corner and come back; but since we bought the walk right harness our life change from the moment we put the harness on!!! Now we can go for endless walks with no effort. Excellent product and recommend 100%

Claudia - Sep 1 2021

Great Sturdy Harness for Huskies

My friends at Natural Pet Outlet suggested that this harness will be the best fit for my huskies. They werenâ??t wrong! Huskies are natural pullers, this sturdy harness makes walks easier and give me the piece of mind that theyâ??re 100% secure on every walk. Happy huskies and happy owners!

james macmillan - Jan 13 2020

Never stays in place

I have had this for a while and can never get the front sliding clasps to stay in place. I have to adjust them each time and force the flat ring up against the clasp only to have it loosen during a 20 minute walk nd the front just flaps around by the time we get home. I have been puttin up with this and now see there are other brands that don't come loose. This was expensive so I hope they can fix it. If I cant get this fixed, I may buy the other and tell my friends to avoid this one. Thank you

not small enough - Jun 2 2019

not small enough

I need an XXSmall can't find one

Madeline - Mar 18 2019

Great harness,sturdy. Great fit

I use this harness with some of my dog walking clients and it's my favorite. It's very well tailored and you get great control . I like to use it with two leashes one on each point of attachment or with a training leash like a halti with a clip on both ends. I really like the construction of the Martingale in the front because it's coming up through the pad you get really good control and it s n u g s down quite nicely if the dog pulls and fits very well on a dog with a barrel chest. Some other harnesses do not have this kind of Martingale in the front. And do not close up well and you don't have good control. It's great having that second point of attachment if you have a reactive dog is the dog could flip as he pulls at the end of the leash. My only complaint about it is that it's a step in harness . If you have a problem with that what I suggest is have the dog and give you paw. Most dogs know how to do this to begin with and if you reward for letting you pick up the second Paw eventually they'll start offering it after you've done the first one pair then just drop a couple of treats on the ground and let them stand up and eat them and you can clip it on top. If the dog is slimmer you may need to adjust the loop around the midsection. Because the Buckle is only on one side you might forget that you actually still have more slack you can take up on a slim dog

Sue - Mar 17 2019

Walk Right Harness

We have a 10 month old Golden Retriever who loves to pull us around the block! We bought the Walk Right harness and the transformation from pulling to walking beside us was instant!! Now our walks are a pleasure for all three of us instead of being a chore it's a pleasure!!! Logan is happy and so are we !!!

Aj - Dec 24 2018

Need a smaller harness

Like a lot of others I need a smaller version for my two smallest dogs. The larger versions are great for the three bigger dogs for both securing in the car and walking but cannot keep one on the two smallest. You really need to make a smaller size--you wouldn't have any problem selling them.

Donald - Sep 5 2018

Not small enough

This seemed like an exceptional harness. When I got it home and tried it on our dog ( 1 yr. old min=pin ). It was very easy to put on. It fit great in the girth but I could not make it small enough around the chest. I sadly returned it to the store.

Michael - Aug 2 2018

Need a XS size

The S size is too big for my 11 lb Shih Tzu.

John Philbin - Aug 20 2017

Too small

Walk Right: Is there production plans to produce an Extra small size lead harness ? Thank you for responding.

Deneen - Aug 12 2017

Brilliant for Bulldog!

We are thrilled with the front connect harness and wouldn't/couldn't use anything else for a relaxed walk. Stanfield, our Bulldog boy was a real challenge. He's a pulling powerhouse - and as a trainer, I was even having a very hard time keeping him exercised and safe from injury with standard collars, leads and harnesses - and keeping me on my feet!! That was until I put the Walk Right Harness on him - and instantly! - he was walking gently and has been ever since! Love it and need to buy him a lifetime supply in all colours!! :)

John - Jul 11 2017

WalkRight Padded dog harness

The padded Walk Right harness what's the perfect choice. I have a very strong 120 lb pit / lab mix. This harness absolutely stopped him from pulling when he was excited and now he walks by my side in a more relaxed manner. I would absolutely recommend this harness to anyone who is leash training their dog.

Danielle - Jun 25 2017

Need XS!

I agree with the other reviews- you need to make an xs! My 28lb pug-mix fits a small, but my 16lb pug is a little too small for hers. I love it otherwise!

susan - May 29 2017

Hyper Yorkie

My 25 lb yorkie really response to this type because he is a hyper type! luv it

Janet - Mar 29 2017

Dont make them small enough

I was so excited when i found this product. I have a 6 pound yorkie that needs a specific harness in order to keep from having a coughing attack. We tried the harness as soon as we got home and it works amazing execpt for the fact that its way too big. They need to make an xs. The small falls off of my dog!

susan - May 20 2016

Do not make one small enough

I have a 6 month old Coton'. The adjustment on front clasps do not get small enough. The part that goes around the girth can be made to fit but the front part just flops around and it will not go any smaller. Im bummed.

Casey - Jan 21 2016

Front Connect Harness is Perfect!

We LOVE the front connect harness. Our lab mix Charlie goes EVERYWHERE with us and this harness is perfect for him. Charlie is about 85 lbs so we wanted to have something that worked for his safety and our own. This harness, and lots of time/training with him, has taught him to pay attention to his handler by redirecting the attention to the handler rather than him just pulling!

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