6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring with Your Dog

Spring is fully sprung and you and your dog are eager to get out and enjoy the warm weather and longer days.

But what to do?

Meandering walks are a must, now that you don't have to rush in out of the cold. And once it's warm enough, at least one trip to the beach should be on the schedule.

But how else can you and your dog celebrate the season of renewal?

Here are six fun ways for you and your dog to enjoy spring together, from the somewhat obvious to the more unusual.

Back to the Dog Park

Fall may be back to school for kids, but spring means a return to the dog park for your pooch. After so much time stuck inside, with only brief walks to do his business, your pup will be thrilled to get back to frolicking with his best mates.

Don't forget to keep your dog's leash with you at all times and leave his favorite toy at home. We like this funky Lazer Brite patterned leash, but any quick-attach leash will do.

Go for a Hike

Need to stretch your legs too? Why not hit the hiking trails? Dogs love to get out in nature. All those delicious smells! And, of course, the exercise and clean air is great for you both. Plus, your dog will love you for bringing her with you on a joint adventure.

Spring is the best time of year to take your dog hiking. The weather's warming up but it's not too hot yet, so no worries about overheating. You'll still want to have a travel dog water bowl with you for during and after the hike.

Nose Work

Regardless of whether you plan on hunting with your dog, you can still teach her to use her nose. Scientists haven't been able to agree on how much better than us dogs can smell, but they estimate its somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 times as much as us.

Use one (or more) of our four Remington Dog Training Scents to set up scent challenges for your dog.  To make it more difficult, find a field with spring flowers in bloom to do the challenge.

Fetch and Catch

Whether your dog is a seasoned fetcher or you've got a puppy you can't wait to train, there's no better time than spring to get to it. You don't need your own backyard, there are plenty of dog-friendly parks that allow for off-leash games of fetch and catch.

At Coastal Pet, we've got tons of fun fetching toys, as well as flying discs to try out.

Sports Training

Ready to move beyond a simple game of fetch? There are all kinds of sports you can try to teach your pup. Frisbee catching and agility training might be the most common dog-specific sports out there, but plenty of people have taught their dogs to play soccer, skateboard, and even surf.

Doggie Playdates

If you and your pup are in need of something more social, check out your local scene to see if there are any dog-friendly restaurants or breweries. You and your friend can catch up while your dogs enjoy the scenery together.

And because eating out is also an excuse to show off your style, we suggest dressing your furry best friend in something that'll catch everyone's eye -- like the Wolfgang StreetArt Comfort Dog Harness or Accent Microfiber Dog Harness with Bowtie or Flower.