Coastal Pet Products EMAP

Coastal Pet Products has established a reputation built around “quality guaranteed” products. In an effort to ensure a consistent portrayal of brand image and quality across all resellers and channels, Coastal Pet Products has implemented an EMAP (Electronic Minimum Advertised Price) policy effective June 5, 2017.

Our compliance team will actively monitor prices advertised electronically and provide reasonable time for the merchant in question to correct the defined EMAP price(s).  If the pricing is not corrected within the defined time period, then Coastal will proceed with corrective actions to stabilize the electronically advertised prices in question.

This policy will only apply to retail prices advertised electronically and does not apply to print advertisements, in-store circulars or other promotional vehicles within the store.

The full list of items covered by the EMAP policy can be found via the links provided below along with FAQ's and Coastal's Formal EMAP policy.

Please note that the items covered under this policy are subject to change, however any changes outside of our semiannual schedule will be accompanied by a 30 days notice from Coastal Pet Products allowing all resellers the opportunity to correct their pricing prior to enforcement becoming effective on the items in question.

Coastal appreciates your continued support and cooperation. If you have questions regarding EMAP, please feel free to contact us directly at

Coastal EMAP Plan

Coastal EMAP Policy

Coastal EMAP FAQs