8 Simple Ways to Spoil Your Pet

Doggy day spas and designer cat collars are not the only path to making your pets feel pampered. Spoiling your furry besties can be simple…..

1. Groom Your Pet Yourself

Yes, a professional dog groomer will pamper your dog with fancy shampoos, doggy pedicures, and elaborate hairdos. But pets that love a good grooming are happiest when it's their owners holding the brush.

Brushing your dog and cat reinforces the bond between you and your pet, and helps keep their fur and skin healthy. Pets, especially dogs (but cats too, depending on the cat), love spending time with their owners. And they love a good brushing. If dogs could purr, they’d have that motor running at full blast during a brushing session. Many cats sure do!

Whether your pet needs grooming daily or weekly, spend five to 15 minutes petting and brushing them. Throw in a full snuggles and kisses while you’re at it. They’ll walk away feeling spoiled for sure!

2. Keep It Clean

Nobody likes eating out of a dirty dish. Or going to the bathroom in a dirty toilet. Your pets are the same. Want them to feel loved and cared for? Make sure the things they need on a daily basis are odor-free and clean.

Water and food bowls, litter boxes, dog crates, pet beds, even toys, need to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them safe – and comfortable – for your pet. It’s not something your pets will understand, but not every dog or cat is lucky enough to drink from a clean water bowl or sleep on a clean bed. But you’ll know they’re spoiled.

3. Play… Then Play Again

Like the time you spend grooming your pet, when you play with your dog or cat you reinforce the connection between both of you and have fun doing it. Dogs and cats love to play. In fact, they need it to stay healthy. Active play can help maintain your pet’s ideal weight. And, the serotonin that’s released during active play, helps make them feel happy and content. (It does the same for you, too.)

Play sessions don’t need to be marathons. It’s just as beneficial to find time for two 10-minute sessions of play as it is to do one 30-minute or longer session. If you can, tailor your play to your pet’s natural instincts. If you have a retriever dog, play fetch. If your dog is a herder, try some hide-n-seek. With cats, play that triggers their instincts to pounce and jump are great.

4. Bake Some Treats

Who doesn’t like treats? And while you can buy all manner of treats for your dog and cat, if you truly want to spoil them, bake some yourself. By doing it yourself you can be sure of the ingredients and can even tailor the recipe to their favorite foods. Have a dog that likes bacon or a cat that loves pumpkin? We guarantee you can find a recipe online to make their taste buds happy.

5. Buy Your Pet a Special Toy

Cats and dogs love toys as much as humans do! Any toy that involves chasing is sure to bring your pets much joy. Their animal instincts kick in, and they feel great. Plus, they are able to enjoy the joy of “the chase” in the safety of your yard or house!

Cats really seem to love toys that involve stalking and pouncing. The best kind of toy for this type of game is the kind with a pole that you can hold onto that has some kind of colorful and soft “bait” at the end of a long string. The toy almost looks like a kid’s fishing pole. The string and “bait” are attached to the pole, and the person playing can toss the stringed item, let the cat approach it, and then yank it away. Cats seem to love it.

Dogs tend to like anything they can chase and catch! You could buy you dog a new tennis ball or perhaps a flying disc. You could even just go out to the yard and play an old-fashioned game of fetch with an old stick!

Play with your pets when you get home from work. They will love their new toys, and they will love the time they get to spend with you!

6. Give Your Pet Massage Therapy

Pamper your pet with a professional back scratch. Animal massage therapists use techniques to help relax muscles, stimulate circulation, and enhance your pet’s range of motion. Find a licensed massage therapist who works with a veterinarian.

7. Give Your Pet Designer Gifts

A new rope tug or squeaky toy is nice, but visit a pet boutique for something swanky, like the Accent line of collars, harnesses, and leashes. These shops can also carry designer pet clothes and accessories – like diamond-studded collars – and high-end toys.

8. Buy Your Dog Some New Swag

Help your dog look his best with some fancy swag, like a new collar. For a personalized touch, get your dog’s name monogrammed on a fun design. You can add your phone number, too, in case your dog gets lost. Or try a Light Up Neck Ring that will light up your pup’s life.