A Labor Day Shoutout to Our Hardworking Employees … and Their Pets!

Behind every thriving company is a team of hardworking and dedicated employees without whom success wouldn't be possible. At Coastal Pet Products, we couldn't make the best U.S.-made pet products or provide top-notch customer service without our ace team of manufacturing and office employees.

If you ask us, we've got the best employees in the world!

In honor of Labor Day, Coastal Pet is pulling the curtain back to introduce you to some of our committed team members. Because they deserve all the credit. But because we are a pet company, we couldn't leave out the fur friends that work hard to make our employees lives better too.

Let's face it. Those of us with pets know we're nothing without our furry friends. Their sweet faces, lolling tongues, twitchy ears, and individual personalities make us laugh and keep us company no matter what's going on in the world.

Here are just a handful of the employees – and their pets – who make Coastal Pet Products what it is.

Keeping Grumpy at Bay
Chad & Momo

For Warehouse Trainer Chad Harton, a tiny Toy Fox Terrier named Momo keeps him happy. Momo's been with Chad for almost 12 years, ever since his cousin found her on the side of the road. Life's been better ever since.

"Since she has no lower lip or lower teeth, it looks like she's either growling or smiling with her tongue hanging out. She always brightens up my day when I get home. It's hard to be grumpy with her acting like a puppy."

Momo's favorite Coastal Pet products are her leash and collar (she loves to go for walks!) and her squeaky toys, which Chad says make her life better by keeping her active and acting like a puppy.

Unconditional Love
Di & Ella

There's nothing better than getting home to happy-go-lucky Ella, says Di Cornett, a QA Testing Coordinator at Coastal Pet. The 2-year-old Blue Heeler/Australian Shepherd mix was a gift from a coworker to Di's grandkids, but she gets just as much love from the pup as her grandkids do.

"She makes our life better with unconditional love. When we get home from work or school, she is always so excited to see us. She runs out the front door and rolls over on her back wanting belly rubs. When you are having a bad day, she can sense it and is extra lovely just trying to make you feel better."

Ella's favorite product from Coastal is her large Rascals Grunt Pig, which she can't get enough of. She also loves her Coastal collars and leashes, which she wears when exploring Di's eight acres of land. Di loves the fact that the leashes and collars are machine washable: "When she finds something that smells awful, she feels the need to roll in it. No worries, Coastal's collars ad leashes are very durable. I just throw them in the washer and dryer, and they come out looking good as new!!"

My Dog is My Happy Place
Melinda & Dakota

Manufacturing Trainer Melinda Bounds can't imagine exploring the world without 6-year-old Dakota Vincent by her side.

"Dakota just makes life better and being around him is my happy place. Whenever I have a bad day, he's there. He's my best friend and he makes me laugh. We enjoy going on walks, watching the Finch birds through the window, and watching deer on the back porch. He gets excited to see the cows when I take him for rides, and he barks at the cars that are too loud. He also gets excited when he sees someone running or walking their dog."

Dakota loves his mesh harnesses and cable tie out because they allow him the chance to run around in the yard. Melinda also likes Coastal's retractable leashes because they give Dakota freedom but allow her to keep him at her side if she needs to.

Both especially love the Coastal Bergan Car Seat, which Melinda says is Coastal's best idea ever.

"His Bergan® Comfort Hanging Dog Booster makes him safe and secure in the car and he is comfortable when we go for car rides to the Human Bean."

Staying Healthy Together
Mercedes & Simba

Like so many others, Marketing Specialist Mercedes Baxter, added her pup to the family in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, she couldn't imagine life without Simba, a 2-year-old German Shepherd.

"He has an endless amount of energy and loves to take naps while he sunbathes. He makes my life better by keeping me responsible for not only my health, but his too. We keep each other active as we enjoy going on hikes, playing fetch, and occasionally take a dip in the lake."

Simba's favorite Coastal Pet product is his Pro Fit Mega Ring, which she says he could play fetch with all day long. "He loves when I throw the Mega Ring and it bounces high enough for him to catch it mid-air. If we go to the lake, it floats on the water, allowing him to easily find it when swimming too."

Mercedes says she loves how Coastal Pet's products, like the Pro Fit Mega Ring, keep Simba active and healthy. Plus, she loves that they're durable enough to withstand the antics of her 102-pound pup!

A Happy Welcome Home
Deb & Walter

Label Coordinator Deb Tasker can’t get enough of her 4-year-old furry friend, Walter.

He brings her joy every day when she arrives home from work, greeting her with a smiling face. “He makes my life better because he’s so loving and happy to see me when I come home.”

Walter’s favorite toy is the Rascals Fetch Tri-Tug – he really enjoys a game of tug-o-war with it! In addition to playing tug, Walter loves paying catch with balls, too. If Deb isn’t paying close enough attention to him when he’s ready to play, he’ll push the ball back to her for one more throw. He also loves snuggling with the Rascals Fleece toys, especially the little man. Walter treats it like its his baby! Really though, Walter is happy with any of his toys – old or new – they all really last! He even still has toys from when he was a puppy. From time to time, he still plays with them.

Deb says she really likes the Maslow bowls, “the bowls we have are great – they don’t move when he’s eating or drinking.” Less time cleaning up after mealtime means more time playing!