A Whole Year of Doing Small Things with Great Love!

Helping make this world a better place is something that moves us at Coastal Pet. 2020 has been a challenging but enriching year, which has taught us that together we can do great things for the community! Spreading goodwill allows us to leave a lasting mark we hope will be felt for generations to come. As a company, we believe it is our duty to be socially responsible.

We are truly grateful for the opportunity to continue supporting amazing organizations through our Good Works Program. Here is some new partnerships we have forged that let people and animals have a brighter future.

Recent Partnerships:

We recently partnered with Pets in the Classroom, an educational grant program that provides financial support to teachers to purchase and maintain small animals in the classroom. The program was established by the Pet Care Trust to provide children with an opportunity to interact with pets—an experience that can help to shape their lives for years to come. Click here to learn more about them!

As part of our donations program, we annually provide goodie bags to The Military Working Dog Team Support Association, Inc. Coastal Pet joins others in donating products for care packages sent to military dogs, making sure they have the supplies necessary to carry out their day-to-day missions. 800 care packages go out each year to the MWDTSA handler and working dog teams deployed in combat zones.

Dogs have long been recognized as "force multipliers" and "sensor systems" by military fighting forces around the world. These dogs work with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps & Coast Guard, carrying out missions focused on force protection, explosives, weapons detection, search and rescue, tracking, patrol, security, and drug detection.

Check out some of the MWDTSA pups enjoying goodies!

The Good Works Program

Being a pet products manufacturing company gives us the best opportunities... to help different organizations through our products! The cause patterns from our Styles line are designed to support The Life Is Good Kids Foundation, Leader Dogs for The Blind, and Morris Animal Foundation

Life is Good Kids Foundation

Our partnership with the Life is Good Kids Foundation started in 2019. The proceeds from the PAWSITIVITY pattern supports their mission of spreading the power of optimism to help kids heal and cope from exposure to adverse childhood experiences.

Through an outpouring of love, optimism, experience, and expertise, Chief Playmaker, Steve Gross, MSW, and a trusted team of researchers and colleagues spent 30+ years developing the Life is Good Playmaker program.

Designed so childcare professionals can harness the power of optimism to help kids heal, the program provides transformative trainings, signature tools, and ongoing coaching, so that they can build life-changing relationships. Learn more about this wonderful foundation HERE, and get your PAWSITIVITY collar HERE!

Morris Animal Foundation

Time flies when spending it on great causes. Since 2010, we’ve been supporting our Partners with Morris Animal Foundation. Our OUTREACH pattern is dedicated to support their mission of bridging science and resources to advance the health of animals.

They were founded in 1948 by an ambitious and passionate newly-graduated veterinarian, Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. Under his leadership Morris Animal Foundation became an organization responsible from the development of new veterinary diagnostic tools, vaccines, drugs, and surgical techniques.

Today, the organization has studied more than 400 health issues across 300+ species. The most notable of their efforts has been the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. It is one of the largest, most comprehensive prospective canine heath studies in the United States, aiming to identify nutritional, environmental, genetic, and other risk factors for canine cancer.

The OUTREACH patterns is available now for dogs, and will be added into the cat collars collection in 2021.

Leader Dogs for the Blind

Since 2008, we have been partners with Leader Dogs for The Blind and supported their amazing mission of empowering people who are blind or visually impaired with lifelong skills for safe and independent daily travel.

From white cane training to matching people with a Leader Dog, they provide the tools and training to reintroduce people to a life of independence, confidence and companionship. It’s a way of living that leads to a new perspective on life. And moreover, they do it free of charge.

Proceeds from the sale of our RESOLVE pattern go directly to supporting Leader Dog!

The collars, leashes, and key loops are available in their website gift shop, at your local pet shop or on our Facebook shop!

Whenever you want to buy a dog or leash for your pup, please consider getting our Styles products in the Cause patterns to join us in helping others. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of people and the pets they love!

Want to learn more? 

Visit https://www.leaderdog.org, https://www.morrisanimalfoundation.org, https://www.lifeisgood.com/kidsfoundation/kidsfoundation.html, & https://www.petsintheclassroom.org