Coastal Pet Products Introduces New Brand: Water & Woods

There’s just something about being out in nature with our dogs that feels primal and real. Whether we’re going for a quiet afternoon walk through leafy woods or hunting for game riverside in the early morning. The bond between humans and dogs began in the wide-open world and we often feel it strongest when it’s just us and nature.

Inspired by this triumvirate – nature, dog and human – Water & Woods, Coastal Pet Products’ newest brand of outdoor-focused dog collars, leashes, and training tools, is perfect for anyone with active hunting and retriever dogs, those who love the aesthetics of the outdoor lifestyle, and camo enthusiasts.

"Water & Woods is our first in-house outdoor sportsman-focused brand and we're excited to share it with the world,” says Marketing Director, Jamie Bercik. “By creating the brand in-house, we're able to maintain the highest standards of quality. Dog owners can trust that their dogs will be safe when exploring the backwoods environments that inspired the brand."

For the Outdoorsman at Heart

With its range of Mossy Oak and camo patterns and bright orange colors, the Water & Woods collection is perfect for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Need your dog to blend in with his marshy surroundings? Or, instead, stand out during wooded hunts? Either way, this collection of collars and leashes has you covered.

Urban dog owners who like the outdoor sportsman look will also like the Water & Woods collection. One glimpse of the Shadow Grass Blades or Country Roots patterns and you can practically hear the twigs snapping.

Collars & Leashes

Six collar choices are available: adjustable patterned or reflective, blaze adjustable patterned, double-ply patterned or reflective, and waterproof hound collar with center ring. Each comes in a variety of patterns and/or in reflective orange.

Four leash styles are available: patterned leash, reflective leash, braided rope snap leash, and braided rope slip leash. The first two feature alligator snaps, while the latter two have standard bolt snaps.

Training Tools

Water & Woods is more than outdoor-inspired doggy accessories. The line also features a full range of retriever training and safety tools. Products include training leashes, scent kits, hunting dummies, and safety vests.  

Looking to train your dog to retrieve birds during a hunt? Combine the duck or pheasant training scent with a bird-shaped foam trainer or canvas retriever dummy. With their easy-to-grip surface, training dummies make it easy for dogs to learn how to retrieve prey.

Need to catch your pup's attention from far away? Whistle train your dog with the Water & Woods pea whistle or silent whistle.

There’s even a “cow” bell for those who want to alert wildlife that their roaming dog is on the loose.

Water & Woods is an extension of Coastal Pet's "Adventurer" range of brands. Other Adventurer brands include K9 Explorer, Pro Waterproof, and LazerBrite.