National Dog Day

While every day seems to revolve around my pooch getting all the attention she wants, there is a specific day for us to honor our furry best friends—National Dog Day on August 26th! This day is to encourage dog owners to appreciate and share the love that our dogs bring to our lives. It is also to draw our attention to the dogs who are still in need of finding a good home.

Dogs are not only there to listen to all of our daily problems, but also serve as therapy dogs, emergency services dogs, or part of K9 units. They play many roles in our lives, so this day is dedicated to recognizing everything they do for us and recognizing what we could do for other dogs who may not live in ideal situations.

This day might mean you recognize your pet by giving them an extra treat and a longer belly rub, but there are other things you can do. You can get a shirt with your dog’s face on it, so everyone can see that you have the best dog. You could have a professional photoshoot with your pup or even consider getting a tattoo for a permanent reminder of your love for your dog. If you wanted to go more in the traditional direction of spoiling your dog, you could give them a massage, long belly rub, or a luxurious bath. If you’re going for more physical items, what better way to show them they’re the best then by giving them a new and flashy collar and leash set so all the dogs on the block are jealous? Throw a bunch of toys their way, and the happier they’ll be.

Sadly, not all dogs have the opportunity to enjoy this kind of treatment, so the smallest thing could be the biggest gesture. Donating old pillows and blankets to your local dog shelters might not seem that exciting, but that means more bedding for the dogs waiting for their forever family. You could also volunteer at the shelter to help these waiting pups get some exercise and work on their interaction with people and other dogs so they’re prepared when they’re selected.

While your pet should always know how much you value them in your life, National Dog Day is a good time to make an extra effort in expressing your love for them. This showcase of love could show others how important they are and lead them to see the importance of a relationship between dog and owner. These ideas might not seem like a lot to you (some maybe a tad extreme) but your dog will love the special attention and extra cuddles forever.