Training Sessions with Practice Freedom

Few people are able to travel the world with their dogs. Our friends, Maayan and Chai, of Practice Freedom, however, have mastered the art.

While millions of people around the world were staying safe at home, we teamed up with Maayan to offer an eight-episode training guide that will get you and your dog ready to go out on adventures of your own, whether it's across the country or across the park. 

Episode 1: The Stay Command

Still looking for ways to fill your time? Our friends Mayan and Chai have some cool tricks to show us! Our adventurous ambassadors have developed a series of videos to teach your pet training commands and entertaining activities to do at home!

Episode 2: Sign Language

Teach your dog how to communicate without words.

Did you know that dogs mainly communicate through the use of body language, and secondarily through vocalizations?

Learn about the power of body signs with our adventurer ambassadors from Practice Freedom.

Episode 3: Brain Games

Bonding games for dogs.

Our friends from Practice Freedom want you to take a break from these hectic days, and turn your living room into an improvised playground.

Getting to spend quality time with your beloved pooch can help strengthen the love and friendship you share with them, as well as keeping them mentally and physically healthy.

Episode 4: Walk Behind

Teach your dog to walk behind you

While traveling to beautiful places, Maayan realized the importance of teaching her dog, Chai, how to walk behind her so that they can both feel safer and stay together trough wide or crowded areas.

Your daily walks with your dog will be much more enjoyable for both of you by learning this command.

Episode 5: Homemade Treats

Learn how to make homemade snacks for your dog!

Staying at home and looking for new things to learn? Make your furry friend happy by learning to make them some delicious homemade treats!

Episode 6: Stop Destructive Behavior

Teach your dog how to stop destroying your stuff.

Seems like a tornado has been rampaging through your house every time your dog is home alone?

Our adventurer ambassadors from Practice Freedom teach us four steps to correct this behavior.

Episode 7: Control your Dog from a Distance

Learn how to control your dog from a distance.

Our friends from Practice Freedom ask us these questions:

Know that feeling when you call your dog, and he completely ignores you? Would you like to get him to sit from ten meters away? Does your dog tend to run away?

Learn all the tricks to get your dog to listen to you, even from afar!

Episode 8: Traveling with your Pet

Better times will come, and hope is what makes us stay positive!
Whenever it is safe again to hit the road or take a plane, we want you to be prepared to take your furry friend wherever you go.

Our adventurer ambassadors from Practice Freedom, Maayan and Chai, have prepared some tips for everything you need to travel with your pup!

To see more of Maayan and Chai's adventures, check out Practice Freedom on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.