When Should You Replace Your Dog’s Gear?

No matter what kind of dog you have, whether an agility-loving Border Collie or a purse-riding Yorkie, eventually that pup is going to get dirty. And that means their collar, harness, and other wearables are going to get messy too.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat, but they do secrete oils and their adventures take them into dirty, often wet, places. So, chances are their collars are going to start to get as funky as they do. To prevent bacteria growth and odors, pet owners should keep an eye on their dog’s gear and wash and replace as needed.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you determine when it might be time to replace your dog’s collar or leash.

Tips for Replacing Gear

1. Choose the right material

If your dog loves the water, consider a waterproof harness, leash, and collar, such as our Pro line. The waterproof coated webbing doesn’t absorb moisture and bacteria, doesn’t hold odors, and is easy to clean.

2. Know how to care for your gear

Most leashes and collars are washable in some form, but cloth gear may have special care instructions, such as spot cleaning, to prevent fading or wear.

3. Don’t forget the leash

It’s easy to think about the grime on the collar, but your leash may be even worse—consider what it picks up being dragged through the dirt, getting urinated on unknowingly, and who knows what else.

4. Watch for dog-inflicted damage

If your dog is a chewer, store leashes and harnesses out of reach. If they do manage to chew through part of the material, replacement is the best way to ensure full functionality.

5. Check buckles and clips regularly

Coastal Pet’s collars are built for quality and each size is tested to 7 times the max weight of a dog. But if you have other products, be sure to check them often for wear and tear to ensure your dog can’t break free due to a failure.

6. Flaunt your fashion sense

Even if you don’t see any wear and tear on your collars, don’t be afraid to mix it up with something new. Just like a new outfit makes us feel good, a fresh look on your dog may add pep to both of your steps. If you love to show off your style, check out our Styles line of adjustable collars, which come in perky patterns and colors.

7. Watch the size

If your dog is gaining or losing weight, make sure their harness and collar keep up with the change. Check the fit often to ensure they can’t slip out or that a too-tight harness isn’t digging into their skin. When you reach the limits of adjustability, replace with a new size.

Grooming Tools

Along with collars and other wearables, the products you groom your pets with also may need occasional replacement. Coastal Pet’s Safari brand grooming products are made with quality top of mind, so with normal use, they should last you a long time. But if you’re using other brands or have had your Safari by Coastal tools for a number of years, here are a few things to look out for.

When to Replace Grooming Tools

1. Dull edges

In the kitchen, pro chefs know that sharp knives cut better and prevent accidents; similarly, your nail trimmers and scissors should be sharp. If they’ve gotten dull over the years, it’s time to replace. One sign? If trimming starts to splinter nails or scissors start to pull instead of cut, they should be replaced.

2. Corroding blades

Lower-quality trimmers, may get rusty or corroded. This is definitely a sign that it’s time for replacements.

3. Bent or missing bristles

Under normal use, Coastal Pet brushes should last a long time. But if bristles accidentally get bent or damaged, it’s time to replace. With lower-quality brushes, replace if bristles start to fall out to avoid your pet swallowing them.


When in doubt, check with your pet store or the manufacturer for advice. They can help you determine what has some life left and what is ready for something new. Find your closest retailer here.