Which Safe Cat® Collar Matches Your Cat’s Personality?

Take this quick quiz to find out which Coastal Pet Products Safe Cat® Collar best fits your feline’s fancy! Tally up the points that correspond with your answers to each question, then compare your total points to the different collars at the end of the quiz.

Question 1: What kind of food is your cat’s favorite?

  1. Dry kibble cat food (1 point)
  2. Wet cat food (2 points)
  3. Homemade cat food (3 points)
  4. Whatever food I’m eating (4 points)
  5. Raw food diet (5 points)

Question 2: Where would your cat love to vacation?

  1. A National Park (1 point)
  2. A Big City (2 points)
  3. A Foreign Country (3 points)
  4. A Beach/Ocean (4 points)
  5. A Cruise (5 points)

Question 3: Where is your cat’s favorite place to sleep?

  1. In the sun (1 point)
  2. In their own bed (2 points)
  3. Anywhere they please (3 points)
  4. On my lap (4 points)
  5. On the couch (5 points)

Question 4: What is your cat’s favorite toy?

  1. Scratching post/Scratcher (1 point)
  2. A Teaser wand (2 points)
  3. Laser pointer (3 points)
  4. A plush toy (4 points)
  5. Catnip (5 points)

Question 5: When meeting new people, how would you describe your cat’s personality?

  1. They keep to themselves and curiously check out someone new (1 point)
  2. They are excited to meet new people (2 points)
  3. They like to be the center of attention (3 points)
  4. They snuggle right up to anyone and everyone (4 points)
  5. They can be shy or outgoing, it depends (5 points)

Now, tally your answers and see which collar is a match for your cat!

5-9 points – Safe Cat® Fashion Breakaway Collar

For the fashionable felines, the Safe Cat® Fashion Breakaway Collar is the perfect match. These collars feature fun, fashionable patterns on lightweight material and even have a color-coordinating bell for added shine. From animal prints to florals and even food, there’s a pattern for every cat.

10-14 points – Safe Cat® Embellished Fashion Collar

The Safe Cat® Embellished Fashion Collar is the cat’s meow for kitties who need a little extra flair with their collar. These collars have bright colors with fun bowtie or flower embellishments for added character.

15-19 points – Safe Cat® Jeweled Buckle with Glitter Overlay Collar

The Safe Cat® Jeweled Buckle with Glitter Overlay Collar is for cats who love to sparkle and shine. These glitter colors come in every color of the rainbow – and then some! Their color-coordinated bells and jeweled buckle add extra pizazz.

20-24 points – Safe Cat® Fashion Heartbreaker Collar

The big-hearted felines will love the Safe Cat® Fashion Heartbreaker Collar. It features a unique holographic heart-shaped buckle with two rainbow-inspired ombre patterns to choose from. All you need is love … and a cat!


25 points – Safe Cat® Magnetic Breakaway Collar

The Safe Cat® Magnetic Breakaway Collar will cater to the contemporary cats. With stylish and modern patterns that coordinate with the magnetic buckle color, cats will always be on trend. Plus, the Safe Cat® Magnetic Breakaway Collar has the same safety release as our traditional breakaway collars for safety.

To shop these collars, visit our website at coastalpet.com or head to a local retailer near you!