Which Tie Out Should You Use for Your Dog?

Spending time outdoors is a way pet owners can bond with their dogs. Whether it is in the backyard or at a campsite, owners like to give their dogs controlled freedom to roam. How can you keep your dog secure while allowing them to explore? A tie out is a solution.

A tie out cable is leash-like and can be constructed of a coated cable, metal, or poly material. One end attaches to your dog’s collar or harness while the other end connects to a stake in the ground. While using a tie out, it is important to use collars with buckles that are non-breakaway or approved for tie out. Coastal Pet Products does not recommend using collars with plastic buckles for tie out.

So, which type of tie out should you use for your dog?

Puppies and Petite Breeds

Young pups and petite dogs can remain safe while roaming their yard with a few different tie out options. The Titan® Puppy Tie Out Cable provides up to 12 feet of roaming space for the little guys. It features rust-resistant hardware and is strong enough to prevent your pup from breaking free.

The Coastal® Poly Petite Dog Tie Out is lightweight and durable and allows 10 or 15 feet of roaming space. The nickel-plated swivel snaps ensure small dogs stay secure while enjoying the outdoors.

Medium Breeds – Up to 50 pounds

For dogs that are in the middle of small and large, the Titan® Medium Cable Tie Out allows them plenty of options to meander outdoors. This tie out comes in 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30-foot lengths.

Titan® also offers a Twisted Link Chain Dog Tie Out for medium dogs that is weather-resistant and made of extra durable hardware. This tie out comes in lengths of 10, 15, and 20 feet.

To find the length that works best for your yard, measure the area to see what your dog will or will not have access to. Are there obstructions like trees, poles, or landscaping within the radius? If so, you may want to opt for the shorter tie out lengths.

Large Breeds – Up to 80 pounds

Bigger dogs need room to roam, too. Luckily for them Titan® has the Heavy Cable Tie Out that offers strength to keep dogs up to 80 pounds secure. The heavy cable tie out is available in lengths from 10 to 30 feet to suit any sized yard or recreational area.

The Coastal® Poly Big Dog Tie Out is a lightweight yet durable option for bigger dogs. The poly cable is weather and tangle resistant and available in lengths of 10, 15, or 20 feet.

For a more industrial look, consider the Titan® Welded Link Chain Dog Tie Out. It is made of super-strong welded links for larger dogs. The 3.8mm gauge is suitable for dogs up to 80 pounds and comes in lengths from 10-20 feet.

Giant Breeds – Up to 150 pounds

Think keeping a giant breed dog secure is impossible to do? Think again! The name says it all with the Titan® Giant Cable Dog Tie Out. Dogs up to 150 pounds can roam freely and safely from 10-30 feet when attached to this tie out. The specialized forging process ensures superior strength and it is backed by Coastal Pet’s Quality Guarantee.

The Welded Link Chain Dog Tie Out in the 4.5mm gauge is also strong enough for colossal canines.

Stake Safety

As with tie out cables, there are different options for the stakes tie outs get attached to. Titan® offers a variety of stakes such as spiral, dome, and fin stakes for hard soil and auger stakes for loose or sandy soil. Keep in mind the soil condition where you plan to use the tie out to ensure you have the proper stake to keep your dog safe.