Turbo Assorted Ball Pack

by Turbo

Turbo® Assorted Ball Pack

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The Turbo® Assorted Ball Pack is equipped with accessories like catnip, bells and more to create a customized toy for your cat. Read complete description

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Create a one-of-a-kind toy for your cat with the Turbo® Assorted Ball Pack! These ball toys can be customized with accessories to give your cat a truly unique toy. Each ball easily twists open to insert fun accessories like catnip, marbles and jingle bells. Select ball toys also feature motion-activated light-up features. Attach the ball toys to the middle of the Turbo Scratcher, Mega Turbo and Star Chaser cat toys for added fun. All accessories are included with ball sets so your cat can start playing immediately. Get your ball pack and start playing now!

  • Holds fun accessories and treats inside of ball.

  • Gives your cat a challenge to get their treats while playing.

  • Customizable with accessories like catnip, marbles and bells.

  • Encourages active play and exercise.

  • Pairs with the Turbo Scratcher, Mega Turbo and Star Chaser cat toys.


["Ideal for cat play and everyday use.","Pairs with the Turbo Scratcher, Mega Turbo and Star Chaser cat toys."]

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Customer Reviews

Debra Casalett - Oct 2 2018

Toys purchase

I wpuld love to buy this..is there any way i can buy it online???

Sharon - Nov 23 2018

Want to purchase

I bought the turbo star chaser and my cats love this. I would like to buy more balls but every place in my area they say has them for sale is false. Is there any way to buy them directly from the company?