Celebration by Coastal Valentine's Day Dog Collar

by Celebration

Celebration by Coastal Valentine's Day Dog Collar

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  • Festive fun with seasonally appropriate holiday themes.

  • Comfort for all with plush padded polyester.

  • Designed to coordinate with Coastal's rope leashes.

  • Optional embellishments available separately.

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Elevate your furry Cupid's appearance to the epitome of adorable with our exquisite Celebration patterns this season! These distinctive patterns are bound to transform your pet into a heart-melting sight. What sets these patterns apart is our pioneering padded polyester material — a blend of plushness and durability. This unique fabric is a perfect choice for dogs with long hair or those sporting sensitive skin. For a touch of elegance and timeless style, consider pairing our Celebration-patterned accessories with one of our rope leashes. The combination results in a classic ensemble that's sure to capture the hearts of all who catch a glimpse. Experience the comfort, style, and innovation in every Celebration-patterned item.


Vibrant Patterns. Adjustable.