Circle T Double-Ply Fashion Leather Collar

by Circle T

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Circle T® Double-Ply Fashion Leather Collar
Circle T® Double-Ply Fashion Leather Collar
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  • Full grain, top quality leather

  • Made in the USA

  • Easy to clean

  • Richer color and softer texture develops with use

  • Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin

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Circle-T collars are full grain top quality leather, hand crafted in Alliance Ohio. These made in the USA collars pull from high end fashion design to create timeless color pairings that only get richer over time. Leather collars super easy to clean and are ideal for dogs with long hair or sensitive skin. Pair them with a leather Circle-T leash to complete this refined look.


Bold, Classic Colors. Double-ply. Metal Buckle.


For everyday use on any dog, but especially helpful for dogs with sensitive or itchy skin.

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Customer Reviews

Donna Connors - Jul 26 2021

Safari de-matting comb

This is my first review of any dog grooming product in my life. I have shared my life with dogs for more than 50 years and the Great Pyrenees for 15 years. I used the de-matting comb for the first time today and just wanted to let you know, I think it is amazing! It busted through my dog's matts so fast, I was amazed! My dog, Betty White, was amazed too. What usually takes an hour, was done in 10 minutes with much less hassle. I thank you for selling such an awesome product.