Standard Auto Tether

by Coastal

Standard Auto Tether

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  • Minimizes distractions and secures dogs during travel for superior safety.

  • Doubles as a short walking leash to transition easily from the car to walking.

  • Designed to easily snap onto travel harnesses.

  • Durable material withstands tugging and scratching.

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Enhance the safety of your travels with the Standard Auto Tether. Designed to reduce distractions, this tether plays a crucial role in keeping your dog securely in place, mitigating the risks of hazardous sliding and disruptive motion. Its primary function is to maintain a stable environment within the vehicle, ensuring the well-being of both your pet and everyone on the journey. The tether seamlessly fastens to travel harnesses such as the Bergan Auto Harness, elevating your pet's safety standards during travel. What's more, this versatile accessory offers a smooth transition from car rides to leisurely walks. Simply repurpose the tether as a short walking leash, making it a versatile tool that caters to both your travel and walking needs. Prioritize the security and comfort of your pet during travel by embracing the reliability of the Standard Auto Tether.


Perfect for Travel.


Pet safety while traveling.