Safari by Coastal Dog Massage Brush

by Safari

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Safari® by Coastal® Dog Massage Brush

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  • Gently removes dirt and debris from your dog's coat.

  • Rounded, rubberized brush tips ensure comfortable grooming.

  • Provides a luxurious massaging sensation.

  • Comfort-grip handle provides maximum control.

  • Promotes a healthy, beautiful coat.

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Spoil your canine companion with the Safari® by Coastal® Dog Massage Brush! This grooming tool is more than just a brush; it's a luxurious pampering session for your dog. The Safari® by Coastal® Dog Massage Brush features soft, rounded brush tips that efficiently eliminate dirt and debris while simultaneously delivering a soothing and indulgent massage experience for your furry friend. It's like a spa day for your dog right at home. This versatile brush can be employed in two different ways to cater to your dog's needs. Quick, short strokes are perfect for removing surface dirt and debris, while long, flowing strokes help smooth the coat and provide a relaxing skin massage. Whether your dog needs a quick clean or a calming massage, this brush is the ideal choice for a comfortable and enjoyable grooming experience.


Works on all coat types. For use wet or dry. Ideal for everyday use.