How Big is Your Bark?

2018 is The Year of the Dog, and January is Walk Your Dog month, so what better time to get back to basics - like choosing the right collar and harness for your dog?

The handy guide below will help remove the guess work from buying a collar or harness.

Choosing a Collar

Measure dog's neck at "A" (see above) and place two fingers between the dog and measuring device for correct length needed. Lengths are based on the measurement from the end of the buckle to the last hole, the largest adjustment.

Collars with metal buckles are perfect for temporary tie out situations. Choose a double-ply collar for large or extra-strong dogs to ensure strength and durability.

Coastal Pet offers an endless selection of collars, so you will be sure to find just what you are looking for at

Choosing a Harness

Measure your dog's girth behind the front legs at "B" (see above) and add two fingers for the correct size.

Harnesses are great for walking smaller dogs or dogs that tend to pull as the pressure gets distributed across the chest instead of the neck. They are available in a wide variety of materials, including nylon, mesh and fabric. Choose a construction that suits your preference and the needs of your dog.

From step-in style to over-the-head designs, Coastal Pet offers more than a dozen harness lines from which to choose so you are sure to find just the right style, color and pattern to fit your needs and taste.

So, go walk your dog – and enjoy it! #getoutandwalk!