Responsible Pet Ownership Month

Being a responsible pet owner goes beyond variously throwing your pet a treat and buying adorable toys - although your pets highly encourage these! Things like vet trips, bath time, and saying the word 'no' are crucial when owning a pet. To make it easy, we've identified four key actions you can take to be the best pet owner you can be.



Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment and not something to be rushed into. If you thought a fish was difficult, wait till you bring your dog or cat home. It'll change your life - for the better of course. You need to be ready to commit to the relationship for the life of your pet. This includes providing exercise, mental stimulation, proper training and socialization. Essentially, you need to be ready to commit your time to owning a pet. Although this may seem overwhelming, it is astounding how quickly a daily walk and a training class become a part of your daily routine.


Pet ownership isn't just a time commitment but also a financial commitment. Your pet will need food, water, a collar, proper identification, vet visits and preventative health care like flea and tick medication. It's important that you account for all of these routine expenses and the unplanned potential emergencies like your pet meet the neighborhood groundhog.

Are your finances are in order? Then let's talk collars. A cute collar is great, but you should pick a collar based on the lifestyle you plan on living with your pet. We have made a quick cheat sheet to help you find the right collar:


You're cuddle buddies who like to watch Netflix and take the occasional walk around the neighborhood. Classics is for you!

You treat every day like a fashion show and want to make a statement wherever you go. Our Fashion lines are for you!

You don't see limits, you want to hike and explore the world. K9 Explorer is the product line for you.

You enjoy the simple things - a casual stroll with the stars over your head and the moon guiding your way. Lazer Brite is perfect for your nighttime adventures.

You prefer earth-friendly materials that are natural and comfortable. You will enjoy the natural fibers of the New Earth line of products.

You walk with confidence and breathe determination. You enjoy running, biking, swimming and anything athletic. The Pro line will fit in with your playful lifestyle.

You enjoy the simple things: morning walks, functional fashion and hard work. Circle T leather is built for you.


You're always on the move and can turn any moment into something fun. Classic Safe Cat is the brand for you!

Your style is anything but predictable. You love fun, vibrant colors and patterns. Safe Cat Fashion is what will make your cat stand out.

You consider yourself a night owl who finds comfort in the moon and stars. Check out our lines for the adventurous feline.

You prefer earth-friendly materials that are natural and comfortable. New Earth's soy fibers are the natural choice.



Make sure your pet is properly identifiable with ID tags, microchips or a personalized collar. Keep your contact information up-to-date with new phone numbers or address changes.

Maybe you hate the noise of ID tags clanking? The EZ Change ID Clip comes with a silencer - this will help eliminate the noise. Want to do away with hanging identification altogether? Now you can have a personalized collar for your pet that includes their name and your phone number, so your pet is always easily identified.


Here's the fun part. Your pet is going to want and need love. They are going to want to cuddle, play and always be by your side. Have food? They are in your face. Accidently step on a toy? Careful, their frantic running may take you out. Feeling sad? Those snuggles will make everything better. They will give you unconditional love. In return they expect commitment and love in the form of toys, treats or just hugs and snuggles. This is the most rewarding part of being a responsible dog owner. Enjoy every minute of it!