Taking a Look at Dog Training Collars

When it comes to training a dog, owners should be aware of their dog’s unique needs as well as their own goals and desires. With multiple training tools available, it can be difficult to understand the benefits of each one and choose a product. We are going to break down the uses and benefits of two training collar options.

If you have a large dog who likes to pull, a reactive dog that needs redirection, or a dog working their way through obedience training, a prong training collar can be a good option.

Humans do not speak dog, and dogs do not speak English, so a prong training collar can function as a translator between dog and owner. It is a way owners can communicate non-verbally to curb unwanted behaviors. 

Contrary to popular belief, these collars are not used as punishment for dogs. When used temporarily and properly, they can be an effective training tool with positive results.

Prong Training Collar

Prong training collars are comprised of metal links that contain rounded prongs, which are small bars that sit on your dog’s neck. These collars may look intimidating, but they are a safer option for heavy pullers as they evenly distribute pressure around the neck as opposed to pressure applied directly on a dog’s throat or trachea from a flat collar.

The collars are adjustable with the option to add links as needed to fit your dog’s neck. Vinyl comfort tips can be added for increased comfort. A metal collar may seem basic, but there are a variety of options for owners to choose from.

For example, Herm Sprenger® Ultra-Plus Dog Training Collars come in a black stainless steel option as well as standard stainless steel. Owners can also choose types of fastener like buckle, quick release snap, or ClicLock to name a few.

Natural Control™ Training Collar

If you are interested in trying a prong training collar but would like a more modern, approachable appearance, Coastal Pet’s Natural Control™ Training Collar may be the item you are looking for.

This collar works the same as a traditional prong collar by evenly distributing pressure when a dog pulls. This action imitates the natural correction techniques mother dogs use with their pups. What makes this collar different is the rounded plastic teeth, as well as the ability to be fully adjustable with easy-to-add and remove links.

The Natural Control™ Training collar has the appearance of a traditional dog collar that makes it less intimidating. Three color options – red, blue, or gray – mean owners can select the collar that best matches their dog’s personality or other gear.

Whether you are new at training a dog or looking for additional tools to use, a prong training collar can be an effective way to prevent unwanted behaviors. It is important to remember that prong training collars should be used on a temporary basis and should never be used on tie outs to prevent injury. For additional usage or training assistance, Coastal Pet Products recommends contacting a professional dog trainer.