Titan Dog Prong Training Collar with One-Handed Quick Release Snap

by Titan

Titan® Dog Prong Training Collar with One-Handed Quick Release Snap

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  • Designed to help you train your dog—especially commands like heel, sit and stay.

  • Features a quick-release snap that helps both you and your pup feel secure.

  • Gently pinches your dog's neck, mimicking the pinch a mother dog gives her puppies.

  • Great for walking strong pullers and large dogs, or during obedience training.

  • Replacement links are available to increase collar size.

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The Titan® Chain Dog Prong Training Collar with One-Handed Quick Release Snap is a training tool designed for dogs. It's electric welded and chrome plated to ensure maximum strength and durability. This collar is built to last and is resistant to tarnishing, breaking, and rust. The one-handed quick release snap makes it easy to put on and take off your dog without the need to fasten or unfasten links. You can also customize the collar with extra links and vinyl comfort tips for your dog's comfort. This training collar is available in different sizes, including Fine (2.0 mm x 14"), Medium (3.0 mm x 18"), Heavy (3.3 mm x 20"), and Extra-Heavy (4.0 mm x 22"). It's important to note that chain training collars are effective tools when used properly for training purposes. They should not be used as a tie-out collar, as they are not designed for that purpose. Always follow proper training guidelines and consult with a professional dog trainer if you have any questions about using this type of collar with your dog.


Safe, effective dog training tools with proper use.