The Importance of Breakaway Buckles on Cat Collars

Cats are naturally curious creatures. No matter if your cat likes to explore indoors or outdoors, hazards like branches or kitchen hooks can be present. If your cat’s collar gets snagged on such objects, it could lead to entanglement or a choking hazard. To protect the safety of your feline friend, consider a collar with a breakaway buckle.

What is a breakaway buckle?

Breakaway buckles are designed to release if your cat’s collar gets caught. This feature provides an extra level of safety for even the most curious of cats. Breakaway buckles differ from the traditional buckles with clasps or teeth that need to be released by hand.

For example, if your kitten is outside exploring their yard and decides to dart under some brush, their collar can get snagged on low-hanging branches. With a traditional collar that becomes snagged or caught, the collar remains intact and could lead to neck strain, strangulation, or even death. A breakaway collar that is snagged will unclasp after a certain amount of force is applied meaning your cat is more likely to break free from the dangerous situation.

Coastal Pet Products offers a variety of adjustable Safe Cat® collars that are designed with breakaway buckles.

How should a collar fit?

Another safety element to consider when it comes to cat collars is the fit. A collar that is too big or loose can lead to paws or lower jaws becoming stuck, and a collar that is too tight can be uncomfortable and cause strangulation.

To ensure a cat collar fits properly, you can use a flexible measuring tape or string to measure the neck for sizing. A rule of thumb to follow is slipping one or two fingers between the collar and neck for a comfortable fit. If you are starting with kitten collars, make sure to routinely check the fit to make sure the collar does not become too tight as the kitten grows.

For kittens just starting out with collars, try the Li’l Pals® adjustable breakaway collar that is perfectly sized for kittens with a narrow width. The adjustable design means a secure, comfortable fit while your kitten grows, and the breakaway buckle easily releases in case of entanglement.

Do I have to choose between fashion or function?

Simply put – no! Today, there are a variety of styles and patterns when it comes to cat collars. You no longer must choose between functionality and fashion. With an assortment of collars to pick from, you can find the perfect match for your cat’s personality.

Coastal’s Safe Cat® line offers fashionable collars and an array of embellishments that add a little extra flair. Owners can also decide on materials that best suits their cat’s needs – from glow-in-the-dark to reflective to glittery material, there is something to strike any feline’s fancy.