Bergan Booster Pet Carrier

by Bergan

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Bergan® Booster Pet Carrier™
Bergan® Booster Pet Carrier™

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  • Versatile design doubles as over-the-shoulder carrier and car booster seat

  • Soft-sided and padded base for comfortable trips for your dog

  • Mesh openings allow for clear visibility and breathability

  • Comfortable to carry with soft over-the-shoulder strap

  • Compliant with most U.S.-based airline rules for in-cabin air travel

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Bergan by Coastal

From the vet, to the park, and beyond

Bergan carriers have a practical design that takes the stress out of traveling. Mesh panels allow for maximum breathability, and the adjustable strap makes it easy to carry on-the-go. Bergan carriers have a safety-tested Seat-Belt Loop™ to secure the carrier in the car, and its design is also airline compatible. Take this carrier with you in the car or on the plane to make pet travel stress-free!
Seat belt loops make for a secure car rideAccidents happen so take advantage of the machine washable baseDon't forget the other travel essentials like bowls, toys and treatsSupports the Paws to Click! InitiativeCovered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

Bergan Carriers are Airline Compliant

This means their structure complies with the standards and guidelines established by most US based airlines. Bergan by Coastal soft-sided carriers feature padded bases and generous mesh panels for maximum breathability, allowing your pet to travel comfortably.

You're a Traveler

You don’t believe having a pet should limit your exploration of the world or that bringing your pet should ruin your car. Similar to an adventurer, you want to go out and explore, but rather than the great outdoors, you might prefer more urban and suburban environments. Airline compatible carriers, crash tested harnesses and vehicle liners are on your must have list.


The Bergan Booster Pet Carrier is a versatile and convenient solution for pet owners who are always on the move. This ingenious carrier not only makes transporting your dog from home to on-the-go effortless but also doubles as a car booster for added functionality. With its over-the-shoulder design, the carrier offers comfort and ease of use, allowing you to carry your dog comfortably while keeping your hands free. Once inside the car, simply attach the carrier to the backseat using the Seat-Belt Loop™ feature, ensuring your dog's safety and security during travel. Upon reaching your destination, there's no need to fuss with multiple accessories or transfers. The carrier seamlessly transitions from car booster to a portable bag. Just pick up the bag with your dog inside, and you're ready to go on your adventures together. The Bergan Booster Pet Carrier truly exemplifies versatility, providing a hassle-free and safe way to take your furry companion with you wherever you go.


Perfect for Travel.