Bergan Auto Harness

by Bergan

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Bergan® Auto Harness

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The Bergan® Auto Harness ensures safe, comfortable travel with your dog and transitions seamlessly from car to walking. Read complete description

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Go from car to walking with your dog seamlessly with the Bergan® Auto Harness! This harness features two loops on its back that easily secure dogs in the car with a seatbelt, then transition for use with a leash while walking. A front D-ring connect is also available for added convenience. This auto harness provides superior safety while traveling with a crash-tested design. Using an auto harness during travel with your dog helps eliminate distractions for safe, enjoyable traveling. Its step-in-style design makes it easy to put on dogs, even dogs who attempt to back out of harnesses. Plus, your canine will love the comfort of the padded chest pad and soft nylon material. Use this auto harness on your next trip to keep your dog comfortable and safe!

  • Proven durability and safety with crash-tested design.

  • Minimizes driving distractions.

  • Double loops on the back of harness allow for easy transition from car to walking.

  • Superior comfort with plush padded chest pad and soft nylon straps.

  • Added convenience with front connect D-ring.

  • Options available to fit dogs of all sizes.


Minimizes driving distractions. Doubles as walking harness.

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Customer Reviews

Jean - Nov 19 2018

bergan auto harness

These harnesses are pretty good, easy to adjust and comfortable for the dog. When I first bought one, it came with the tether. We recommend these to our clients purchasing pups. However, lately it seems that the tether is no longer included with the harness, which is a real negative. The tether is what makes this harness work. Feeding the seatbelt through the loops is a nuisance, and you risk your pup getting it's legs stuck in the seatbelt. If you use a hammock style seat cover, especially one where the sides can zip up so the pup or it's toy doesn't slip down between the seat and the door, using the seatbelt doesn't work or you have to leave the side open. I attach the tether to the post of the headrest, which works perfectly so my dog doesn't get tangled in the strap when she shifts position. This also keeps the attachment point of the harness higher, so the dog is less likely to get out of the harness. When the attachment point is lower, as with using the seatbelt, if a pup wants to get out of the harness, they have the angle to do so just by forcing themselves straight forward and working themselves out through the neck section. It's not easy but a determined pup can do this. Unfortunately, finding a replacement tether is not easy. The only ones I have found for sale are the small ones. I would need the one for the large size harness. If you are not going to include the tethers anymore, please make the bigger tethers available for separate purchase. If not, I will have to find another harness to recommend.