Bergan Auto Hammock Seat Protector

by Bergan

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Bergan® Auto Hammock Seat Protector
Bergan® Auto Hammock Seat Protector

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  • Prevents your dog from slipping or flying forward with its top safety design

  • Machine-washable material makes it easy to keep clean

  • Keeps dirt, water, and fur off of your car seats for a clean interior

  • Durable material withstands scratching and biting to maintain a sleek appearance

  • Designed for simple, fast placement and removal

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Maintain pristine car seats, even after the muddiest adventures, with the Bergan® Auto Hammock Seat Protector! With this hammock-style seat protector, you can embark on your next outdoor excursion with the peace of mind that your dog will travel safely and comfortably. Designed to be an effective barrier against dirt, water, and fur, this seat protector is a game-changer when it comes to keeping your car seats clean. When it's time for a cleanup, you'll appreciate the quick removal design and machine-friendly material, ensuring that maintenance is a breeze. Moreover, the protector's durability is unmatched, capable of withstanding scratching and chewing without losing its sleek appearance. The Bergan® Auto Hammock Seat Protector not only keeps your car seats in top condition but also guarantees your dog's safety and comfort during every journey, making it a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast and pet owner.


Machine Washable. Perfect for Travel.