Bergan Auto Travel Dog Barrier

by Bergan

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Bergan® Auto Travel Dog Barrier
Bergan® Auto Travel Dog Barrier

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  • Keeps pet safely contained in the back seat

  • Patented Freedom Lock provides secure installation while allowing driver and passenger seat adjustment

  • Upper and lower venting provides air circulation

  • Flexible lower cargo netting wraps around consoles without blocking air vents

  • Dual layer 600D construction provides lasting performance

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Ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for your pets with the Auto Travel Barrier, expertly designed to keep them securely contained in the back seat. Thanks to the patented Freedom Lock, you can achieve a secure installation while maintaining the flexibility to adjust driver and passenger seats for maximum comfort. The barrier's thoughtful design includes upper and lower venting, allowing for proper air circulation, ensuring your furry companions stay cool and comfortable during the journey. The flexible lower cargo netting conveniently wraps around consoles without obstructing air vents, further enhancing the travel experience for both pets and humans. With dual-layer 600D construction, this barrier guarantees long-lasting performance, ensuring it stands up to the demands of your travels, making it a reliable and durable travel companion for your beloved pets. Drive with confidence, knowing your pets are safe and comfortable in the backseat, thanks to the Auto Travel Barrier's innovative features and superior construction.


Flexible lower cargo netting wraps around consoles without blocking air vents.