K9 Explorer Reflective Adjustable Padded Dog Harness

by K9 Explorer

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K9 Explorer® Reflective Adjustable Padded Dog Harness
K9 Explorer® Reflective Adjustable Padded Dog Harness
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  • Keeps dogs safe and improves visibility outdoors with reflective material.

  • Ensures a secure, comfortable fit with adjustable design.

  • Plush chest pad made from soft neoprene material provides superior comfort.

  • Long-lasting design made from durable material.

  • Bright colors designed to match K9 Explorer® Reflective Collars and Leashes.

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K9 Explorer

Perfect for dogs who are always ready to go out and explore

You will appreciate the strong, durable construction on your next adventure with K9 Explorer. Choose the color that matches your outdoor-loving lifestyle.
Keeps dogs safe and improves visibility outdoors with reflective material.Strong, durable construction for secure handling.Rugged, outdoor aesthetic.Multiple leash styles to fit your needs.Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

Strong, durable, and reflective

Keep your dog comfortable and safe on your next outdoor adventure with K9 Explorer. The collars, leashes, and harnesses ensure improved visibility with reflective stitching, giving you confidence that you can explore safely. Harnesses feature soft chest pads made with plush neoprene material.

You're an Adventurer

Up for the trek and excited to be able to roam, your dog is energized by the exploration of new territory. They could be a large or small breed, but they aren’t afraid to get their paws dirty. Reflective elements, waterproof materials and durable construction are important considerations to keep your pup in on the adventure. We have what you're looking for.


Keep your dog comfortable and safe on your next outdoor adventure with the K9 Explorer® Reflective Adjustable Padded Dog Harness! The harness ensures improved visibility with its reflective stitching, giving you confidence that you can explore safely. Its simple step-in design allows you to put the harness on quickly so your four-legged friend can begin exploring sooner. Your dog will appreciate the softness of the chest pad made with plush neoprene material. Plus, you can adjust the harness to get a secure yet comfortable fit. Select the color that best reflects your dog's style and pair with a matching K9 Explorer® Reflective leash and collar! When using a harness, it is essential to never leave your dog unsupervised. Our harnesses may be strong but they are not indestructible and should only be used when going on walks before being promptly taken off afterwards.


Adjustable. Reflective. Plush Neoprene.


Ideal for everyday use.

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Customer Reviews

Bobbie - Jan 17 2023

Not happy

I have only had this harness for 12 hours. I have been removing the harness to Avalon the chewing it apart mishap, but I forgot this time for 5 minutes and it was over. The harness appears very durable but did not last long at all.

Alyssa - Nov 8 2021

My Go To Harness

I LOVE THIS HARNESS. Im so picky about collars and harnesses, as a lot of them look cheap and are just an eyesore. I bought this for my puppy 5 years ago and itâ??s still going strong, even through pretty regular outdoor adventures. I just adopted my 3rd dog and you can bet Iâ??m buying my 3rd one of these harnesses - I wonâ??t use anything else. The fit is super flattering and athletic. For the people rating low because their puppy chewed it upâ?¦. itâ??s not a chew toy, what are you expecting? lol. My one request, I would love more colors - an icy baby blue would be an absolute dream :)

Kevin - Sep 23 2021

Just bought a new one after 5+ years with the old.

We've had one of these ever since our Coton outgrew the harness we got her as a puppy. She'll be 7 years old in a few months so the one we had must be nearly 6 years old. I needed Google to find the brand and then had a hard time finding a Canadian seller and nearly bought it on Amazon paying import fees. That's how much we wanted a new one just like it. We finally found that PetValu sells them and found the right size (XS) in the store. We love that it's so easy to put on and doesn't have to be pulled over her head. I just drop it on the floor, put her feet in, and lift it up and over and snap it together. With the old one we didn't even have to disconnect the leash as there was only one loop, though the new one is probably a better design with the two. We use it in the car as well and are confident that it would hold up in a crash. I wish the old one hadn't broken but we certainly got our money's worth in all the years we used it!

Andrea Jean Oetjens - Jun 15 2021

Too Expensive To Last 5 Minutes

I purched this harness for our 10 month old Pyrenees/Komondor. The berry color is beautiful and it fit great. I sat with her and started using my phone, I looked down and within 5 minutes she chewed through both front straps. Not happy

Alexandra Finley - Jan 23 2021

Sad to see it go :(

We bought this harness a week ago for our 6 month old Aussie mix and loved it! The fit was great and kept her from pulling quite so hard on the leash. Plus it looked amazing! Unfortunately after a couple hours of unsupervised time this afternoon she chewed right through the straps. Even though it seemed durable, we were a little disappointed it did not hold up against two hours of puppy chews :( We would recommend for an older dog or for use when the pup is supervised.

STEVEN WEIR - Feb 19 2020



Steven Weir - Jan 19 2020

Not very durable

My 5 month old GSP chewed right through one of the straps. Will be looking for something a bit more durable.

Nicola Minnerly - Jan 15 2020


This looked nice and sturdy but after around 5 uses it ripped right apart down the seam , was only used for walks and then taken off, very disappointing

Ben Brouws - Dec 25 2019

One Day

Bought as a Christmas present to our new 10 mo old pup, to match his 5 year old Sisters harness shes had for months. By the morning, he had pulled out the stitching and ripped half way through one side. Reading between the lines on your quality guarantee, it appears that you do not stand behind your product, but are proud of its design? We will be scraping the Coastal products we have bought and going with Lupine products, due to their stance on integrity, even if your pet chews through your purchase. If you want to keep customers, you have to stand behind your product. Period.

Donald Stebbins JR - Nov 15 2019

Lasted for about 3 weeks

Worked great for about 3 weeks and it just tore. We never left it on our Husky if we weren't using it, one of the front straps just tore.

Susan - Nov 12 2019

Love the harness

I think the key is to have a perfect fit. If not fitted properly and loose may be the problem to chewing through.

Heather - Jul 11 2019

Fully adjustable

LOVE this harness! My dog has it in every color... It's great because the padding makes it comfortable, and it's fully adjustable, which a lot of the soft mesh harnesses aren't. So it fits even "In-Between" size dogs! We just wish there was a Purple!

Jillian - Jul 4 2019

Great harness!!

I need to buy another one... mainly because he deserves a new one! We have had our k9 explorer harness for 2 and a half years and it has been awesome for us! Our pit-lab mix is pretty crazy and goes everywhere with us and this harness has held up! It is still in good condition I just know we want a back up and he deserves a new one! Thank you so much! We love it!

Kendra - May 23 2019

Every pup gets one!

This has been, and probably will always be the only harness I use on my pups. Every single dog I've had that has used a harness has used a K9 Explorer, and every single one of them loved/loves it. It's wonderful for taking our pully boy outside at night, helps my mom keep better control of him.

Natalie - May 6 2019

Great Harness!

I love this Harness! I have had it for about a month now and its held up very well for every day use. Its easy to put on and to take off my husky Athena. Very strong with a very good reflective material used. I would definitely recommend this harness to anyone. I do wish I could submit a picture with this post because my baby looks really good in it!

Kyle - May 1 2019

Great Harness

Durable and fits great. Also not meant for chewing :)

Tianna - Feb 9 2019

Great harness!

I have tried a lot of different harnesses and this is my favourite so far! It's comfortable for my 35lb pup, feels sturdy and I appreciate the reflective safety stitching. The berry colour is super cute on my girl too. Happy with my purchase!

Ruxandra - Jan 30 2019

A vital item at a crucial time

My dog (a yellow lab) had to undergo severe surgery after being viciously attacked by a pit bull. We have never used a harness before, she has been really good with just a collar, but due to the lacerations around her neck (the wounds were so deep the neck muscles were exposed), we had no choice but to use a harness. Although a small lab, she has a very wide chest and we needed an extra-large (36"). The Explorer was the only one that fit her, after bringing home numerous other brands (we needed one right away due to daily visits at the vet). She felt comfortable with it from the beginning, it did not rub on any of her wounds and it is relatively (if you don't have a very obstinate dog) easy to put on. Only one store in Toledo carried the extra-large size and we are very grateful we could find it. It may seem a crazy thing to say, but it definitely contributed to the overall well-being of our dog when we needed it the most. Thank you for a great product!

RAYMOND KODE - Jan 10 2019

K9 Explorer

Love this harness. I purchased a replacement today (my puppy is all grown up now). Same quality as the original, just larger. Here's an idea. Make one that lights up. THAT would be a great thing when she out in the evening with me. Great product. Great price.


Good Product For Non Chewers

I put this harness on my Border Collie but he is a chewer. So this nice harness fits well but make sure it is secured all over with nothing hanging down. Bandit chewed thru this in a matter of minutes... But he is the craziest puppy I have ever seen. Every day something has been demolished by this dog...Yesterday it was the welcome mat in pieces when I came home from work, last week the entire screen door. Ugg! I sewed up the harness and I am determined to make this work!

Jerry V - Mar 13 2018

Excellent Product

Nicely made - fit and finish are very good. The padded chest pads make it comfortable for my dog (well, so it seems) and the step-in style is a breeze to put on. Good range of colours. Seems durable, bought mine a few months ago, and none the worse for wear. I would like to see a wider range of sizes - dogs might have the same girth but upper torsos/neck length can vary so would like to see

Charlyn Witchet - Feb 5 2018

Chewing through a harness

Chewing through a harness is no reason to give a poor review. That is the owner's fault. If you leave a harness on ANY dog inclined to get it off, they will chew through it! Or if you have it loosely fitted. Harnesses are not meant yo be left ON a dog!

Debbie - Sep 15 2017

Adjustable, comfortable and stylish

It I'd fully adjustable so that you can get the right fit and prevent a dog from slipping out. It is comfortable because of the chest padding and softer nylon webbing. It comes in some nice colours that are not loud, and has reflective lines on it. My dogs are not chewers so I don't have the problems that some reviewers had. I also wouldn't leave a harness or collar on my dogs unsupervised.

Joey - Jul 25 2017

Great harness, good quality

I'm very impressed with this harness. I've bought three - a small, a medium, and a large (for dogs of various sizes). The medium (in Fern) is the harness I've had the longest, and it has held up for over two years, through the following activities: camping trips, hikes over rocky, wooded, and desert terrain, snowshoeing / x-country skiing (not the dog, obviously), many trips to the river. There is rarely a weekend this dog is home. To clean the harness, I take a toothbrush with dish soap and go over the the entire thing a few times, and it comes out looking pretty close to new. The only issue I have is that the material can get fuzzy-looking, but I have always had that problem with any harness I've owned, and the K9 Explorer has held up far better than other harnesses.

Shane - Jul 21 2017

Amazing for Powerful Athletic Staffordshire Bull Terrier

On May 25, 2017 I impulsively purchased this from Bosley's for my now 14 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Compared to a padded X-Back harness and a skijoring/shorty harness, The K9 Explorer allows for greater range of motion in the rear end and distributes pressure much more clean through the chest. It has minimal moving parts and is easy to adjust and put on. Whether running fast or walking slow, under tension or not, my dog is able to trot and gallop smoothly, and really dig in with good base around corners. The bonding experience of connecting with the full potential of a dogs energy is something I hope all owners can also enjoy. Here is an example of his movement in it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av1SUgFl-4s

Caroline - Jun 13 2017

Very good

Tried this harness out with my 1 year old Black Mouth Cur. The padding is great compared to other harnesses that may not fit as comfortably. I do think it was a little big. I measured her and sent in measurements, and it does run larger than others. Otherwise it is great for hiking - and love the double clip in the back to attach the matching leash

Kim - Nov 14 2016

good customer service

I bought a reflective harness for my dog, it was to big ;so Coastal exchanged it for me. They were very prompt and courteous. Would try other products in the future. I also use their retractable leash.

Mary Beth Smith - May 4 2016

Great Customer Service and Product Satisfaction!

So I commented this morning that my puppy chewed through his K9 Explorer Harness and I received an email form Nicole in Customer Service advising me that they will replace it! I just hung up the phone and she is sending a new replacement to me! That is fantastic customer service and product satisfaction!

Mary Beth Smith - May 4 2016


My puppy chewed right through his too!

Nikole - Mar 31 2016

Wonderful Harness!!!

This harness has been AMAZING!!! I have a shar pei so I never use a collar because of all his wrinkles and extra skin. This harness is perfect. He is growing out of his now and I plan to but the same one for him again in a bigger size! He never pulls, has never gotten out of the harness or chewed it. AMAZING PRODUCT

Angela - Mar 28 2016

Looks are deceiving

Looked good, liked the way it fit, but it only lasted 2 days before it tore and was unusable

Heather - Nov 25 2015

Great Padding!

I LOVE the K9 Explorer harness! I bought one for my hairless Chinese Crested because most regular harnesses are too abrasive on her bare skin, but the padded K9 Explorer harness is comfortable for her.