K9 Explorer Reflective Braided Rope Snap Dog Leash

by K9 Explorer

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K9 Explorer® Reflective Braided Rope Snap Dog Leash
K9 Explorer® Reflective Braided Rope Snap Dog Leash
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  • Outdoorsy style with earth-tone braided rope design.

  • Improves safety and visibility with reflective material.

  • Rugged gunmetal hardware and bolt snap complete the look.

  • Strong, durable construction for secure handling.

  • Attractive rope snap offers a reliable grip.

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K9 Explorer

Perfect for dogs who are always ready to go out and explore

You will appreciate the strong, durable construction on your next adventure with K9 Explorer. Choose the color that matches your outdoor-loving lifestyle.
Keeps dogs safe and improves visibility outdoors with reflective material.Strong, durable construction for secure handling.Rugged, outdoor aesthetic.Multiple leash styles to fit your needs.Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

Strong, durable, and reflective

Keep your dog comfortable and safe on your next outdoor adventure with K9 Explorer. The collars, leashes, and harnesses ensure improved visibility with reflective stitching, giving you confidence that you can explore safely. Harnesses feature soft chest pads made with plush neoprene material.

You're an Adventurer

Up for the trek and excited to be able to roam, your dog is energized by the exploration of new territory. They could be a large or small breed, but they aren’t afraid to get their paws dirty. Reflective elements, waterproof materials and durable construction are important considerations to keep your pup in on the adventure. We have what you're looking for.


Complement your outdoorsy lifestyle with the K9 Explorer® Reflective Braided Rope Snap Dog Leash! The braided design features two complementary earth-tone colors for a stylish, rugged look. Plus, the braided rope design features reflective material for improved visibility and safety during outdoor exploration. The unique gunmetal hardware and bolt snap complete this natural look. You'll appreciate the strong, durable construction of the leash on your next adventure. Choose the leash that best fits your dog's style!


Reflective. Braided Rope. Earth Tones.


Ideal for everyday use.

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Customer Reviews

Robert - Nov 14 2022

Great rugged leash

My border collie loves his new K9 Adventurer 6\

Tammy Stillwater - Jun 6 2016

Collar is fantastic

Absolutely love the sapphire blue collar that I bought for my border collie! It's cool! It's sporty! It's beautiful. It's functional!! Wish I could say the same for the matching leashes. Bought a different brand of leash. The snaps are too large on the rope leash, and the snap is sort of ridiculous on the other leash, plus there isn't a small size leash for puppies, which was what I needed this for. But again, the collar is a total WIN!

Mike P. - May 27 2016

Was expecting more!

Bought the collar and leash together because they looked great and I liked the reflective component. Had to exchange the collar for a smaller size, but it is just a bit too small. Maybe an overlap in length would help. One ended at 18" and the other started at 18". Again I love the braided leash look, but the way the material is woven, it digs into your hand when you grab it to restrain the dog. My wife won't use it. The odd thing is that when you run your hand the other way (towards the collar) it is smooth as can be. Can't you just reverse the hardware? For the price ($24 collar, $35 leash) I was expecting more!