K9 Explorer Brights Reflective Dog Leash

by K9 Explorer

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K9 Explorer® Brights Reflective Dog Leash
K9 Explorer® Brights Reflective Dog Leash
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  • Keeps dog safe outdoors with reflective material.

  • Improves visibility for motorists and other explorers.

  • Soft, comfortable grip with padded handle.

  • Natural, earth tone colors to complement outdoorsy lifestyles.

  • Added convenience with scissor snap feature.

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K9 Explorer

Perfect for dogs who are always ready to go out and explore

You will appreciate the strong, durable construction on your next adventure with K9 Explorer. Choose the color that matches your outdoor-loving lifestyle.
Keeps dogs safe and improves visibility outdoors with reflective material.Strong, durable construction for secure handling.Rugged, outdoor aesthetic.Multiple leash styles to fit your needs.Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

Strong, durable, and reflective

Keep your dog comfortable and safe on your next outdoor adventure with K9 Explorer. The collars, leashes, and harnesses ensure improved visibility with reflective stitching, giving you confidence that you can explore safely. Harnesses feature soft chest pads made with plush neoprene material.

You're an Adventurer

Up for the trek and excited to be able to roam, your dog is energized by the exploration of new territory. They could be a large or small breed, but they aren’t afraid to get their paws dirty. Reflective elements, waterproof materials and durable construction are important considerations to keep your pup in on the adventure. We have what you're looking for.


Explore the outdoors safely with the K9 Explorer® Brights Reflective Dog Leash! Your dog will be easily seen by motorists with this leash's reflective stitching, giving you peace of mind. The reflective material is seamlessly woven into the leash's earthtone colors. The padded-handle dog leash provides a soft grip so you can explore comfortably. Select the color that best reflects your dog's active, outdoorsy lifestyle!


Reflective. Padded handle. Scissor snap. Bright Colors.


Ideal for everyday use. Reflective for added safety.

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Customer Reviews

Kathleen - Aug 31 2021

K9 Explorer clasp

I agree with Barb Ray the scissors type clasp on the K9 explorer is great. My dog can shake her head hard enough to open the typical clasp on every other dog leash but not this one! She's a small Rat Terrier but with a powerful shake of her head she could open the other style clasps. I know, I know, hard to believe but true.

Geoffrey Simon - Jun 22 2021

K9 Explorer Brights!! Simply the best!

This amazing leash, collar and harness set is so stylish. The colors are so vibrant, reflective and everything is virtually indestructible. Been using this set for years!!

Vinh - Feb 5 2021


I got the Mountain (grey) color and tested it with a car's lights. This leash was useless for its purpose as it barely reflected the light. All that needs to be changed is the reflective material that actually does reflects a vehicle's lights clearly and brightly and there should be plenty of it on the leash. It's also a little thin and could use a double layer.

Barb Ray - Jan 30 2020

K9 Explorer

I love these leashes! They are the only ones that my dogs have not managed to get the closure opened up on where it hooks to the collar. The scissor snap is great and the padded handle saves getting your hands cut up on some of those thin flimsy leashes when your dog decides to dash after a rabbit. I wish the 1" wide ones came in a shorter size, maybe 4' with a handle close to the snap for in the city with crowed sidewalks. Thanks for a great product! The K9 Explorer is the only leash I buy and I recommend it to anyone who will listen.

Eileen Singer - Oct 7 2019

Kn leash

I have trouble attaching leashes and this is perfect but need shorter leash. Why dont u make shorter size? PLEASE!!!!