Bergan Smart Storage Food Storage

by Bergan

Bergan® Smart Storage Food Storage

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  • Gasket seals on each lid to keep food fresh and to keep insects out

  • Lid snaps into place for easy pouring and, with an access handle on the bottom

  • Allows easy access for scooping or pouring

  • Made of durable plastic that is BPA free

  • Enjoy convenient stackability in multiple sizes

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Introducing the Bergan Smart Food Storage, a solution designed to enhance pet food storage and streamline your daily routine. This innovative storage container safeguards your pet's food from unwanted elements like water and pests. No longer will you need to retain the original food bag when purchasing in bulk, all while minimizing odors associated with pet food. Its design facilitates easy access for scooping or pouring, simplifying the process of serving your furry friend's meals. Built with convenience in mind, the stackable design ensures effortless access to the container's opening, allowing you to retrieve food without hassle. The Bergan Smart Food Storage is the epitome of practicality, ensuring your pet's food remains fresh, accessible, and securely stored, all while enhancing your daily routine.


Keeps the pet food fresh and has a stackable design that leaves access to opening for food retrieval.