Coastal Double-Ply Dog Leash

by Coastal

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Coastal® Double-Ply Dog Leash
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  • Added strength with two layers of durable nylon.

  • High-quality nylon material ensures long-lasting use.

  • Easy to attach to collars and harnesses with bolt snap.

  • Vibrant, fade-resistant color options.

  • Perfect for dogs of all sizes

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Get extra strength in your dog leash with the Coastal® Double-Ply Dog Leash! The double-ply design of this leash offers two layers of durable nylon sewn together. Its high-quality, durable nylon ensures long-lasting use. The easy-to-use bolt snap that quickly snaps onto your dog's favorite collar or harness. Plus, the leash comes in a variety of vibrant, fade-resistant colors. Find your favorite color and get this extra durable leash for your next dog walk!


Double-ply. Bold, Classic Colors.


Ideal for walking large dogs.

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Customer Reviews

Mikaela S - Jan 17 2021

Unreliable leash, our dog is now missing

Weâ??ve been using this leash for months now without any issues whatsoever. Last week I took my dog out for our walk and about 20 mins in the leash just disconnects from the harness somehow. Our dog has now been missing for over a week. I will only be using locking carabiner leashes and 2 of them at once from now on, as it appears we canâ??t even trust a simple leash to work properly.

Veronica - Jun 4 2017


Very good leash! Very durable, my dog has chewed on this leash several times and I've had it for 5 years with no problem whatsoever! A leash I would highly recommend in terms of quality and durability!!

Kelly Tebbits - Aug 14 2016

Coastal Leashes

Simple durable and flexible leashes. I'm VERY picky about which leashes I use as a dog walker, I've tried every brand even those only sold at speciality pet shops that gaurentee free replacement. These are much better designed.