Size Right Snag-Proof Adjustable Cat Harness

by Size Right - for Dogs

Size Right® Snag-Proof Adjustable Cat Harness
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  • Over-the-head design eliminates the frustration of cats backing out of the harness.

  • Prevents leashes from entangling cats using swivel o-ring.

  • Easy to snap around cat's center with secure snap-lock buckle.

  • Adjusts from 12-18" to provide a secure, comfortable fit.

  • Durable nylon material ensures long-lasting use.

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Cut the fuss of walking your cat with the Size Right® Snag-Proof Adjustable Cat Harness! This nylon harness is designed to eliminate the frustration of cats backing out of the harness. Putting it on is easy: Simply place it over your cat's head and snap the easy snap-lock buckle around your cat's center. Plus, the figure 8 style adjusts from 12-18" for the perfect fit. Your cat can move freely without becoming entangled in the leash thanks to the swivel o-ring. Choose your favorite color and use this harness on your next walk!


Adjustable. Snag-Proof.


Ideal for walking cats.

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Customer Reviews

richard shaner - Mar 15 2019

Next size larger

We ordered the 12-19 figure 8 harness for our tabby maine coon cat. It is about 1-1/2 inches to small. Do you or can you make a larger size or an extension so that this harness will fit him comfortably. Thank You. Richard Shaner

Haley - Jan 23 2019

Socks loves it

I bought this at Bosleys a couple years ago for my cat socks to see if he would like it, he's not overly a fan of harnesses But, he has had 0 issues with this. He doesn't freeze when its placed over him. He is quite a LARGE cat and its max size still has some room to spare. I highly recommend this product. I also got him a leash and tried ti out in the back yard. He loved it. well....."love" is a strong word

Patty Smith - Jun 9 2016


My male cat did not mind wearing this harness. However, he is rather large (17 pounds). I am wondering if this harness could be bigger than the one I have, which allows for a girth of 12-18".. This is too tight for him. Any chance of making this particular harness up to 20" girth? Please let me know. Thank you. Hoping you can make one larger so I can purchase it.

Timothy O'Donnell - Sep 30 2015

Sassy Snag Proof Nylon Harness

I have two cats. One is seven years and the other is one. My cats have been in a Sassy Harness from the beginning. My daughter has the sister to my seven year old and has a young one as well. They all wear the Sassy Harness. The Sassy Harness is "THE" best in function and quality.