Size Right Snag-Proof Adjustable Cat Harness

by Coastal

Size Right® Snag-Proof Adjustable Cat Harness

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  • Over-the-head design eliminates the frustration of cats backing out of the harness.

  • Prevents leashes from entangling cats using swivel o-ring.

  • Easy to snap around cat's center with secure snap-lock buckle.

  • Adjusts from 12-18" to provide a secure, comfortable fit.

  • Durable nylon material ensures long-lasting use.

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Simplify your cat's outdoor adventures with the Size Right® Snag-Proof Adjustable Cat Harness! This nylon harness is carefully designed to eliminate the common frustration of cats slipping out of their harnesses. Putting it on is a breeze; you simply place it over your cat's head and snap the easy snap-lock buckle securely around your cat's center. The figure 8 style design allows for easy adjustment, accommodating a range of sizes from 12-18" to ensure a perfect fit for your feline friend. The swivel O-ring adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing your cat to move freely without the risk of becoming entangled in the leash. Choose your favorite color to match your cat's unique style, and set out on your next walk with the confidence that the Size Right® Snag-Proof Adjustable Cat Harness provides both ease of use and safety for your furry companion.


Adjustable. Snag-Proof.


Ideal for walking cats.