Turbo Catnip Grinder

by Turbo

Turbo® Catnip Grinder
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  • Activates the natural oils within catnip to enhance its potency.

  • Easy to grind with smooth twist cap.

  • Comes equipped with premium North American catnip.

  • Can be used to coat your cat's favorite toys and scratchers with catnip.

  • Catnip scent encourages active play and exercise.

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Boost the effects of catnip during playtime with the Turbo® Catnip Grinder! The grinder activates the natural oils within catnip to enhance its potency. The twist cap makes it easy to grind the catnip pellets. Plus, the grinder comes equipped with premium North American catnip. Use the grinder to coat your cat toys and scratchers for more energized play.




Perfect for enriching playtime.

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Customer Reviews

Linda Warkentin - Mar 19 2021

grinder cap needs fixed.

The pellets do not fit very well into the toothed space. They just bounce around on top. Grinding enough takes forever. I have to keep flipping it right side up and upside down REPETEDLY in hopes a pellet falls perfectly into the space and even then I only get 1 or 2 turns before I have to flip a whole bunch more. The product itself is awesome and the method of delivery is pretty neat. But the grinding cap needs fixing... Would buy again if solution is found.