Turbo LED Pointer

by Turbo

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Turbo® LED Pointer

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  • Gentle LED light is safe for cats sensitive eyes.

  • Fun animal projection engages natural hunting instincts.

  • Encourages active play and exercise.

  • Increases mental stimulation.

  • Three different LED light projections to choose from.

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The Turbo® by Coastal® LED Pointer is an innovative and cat-friendly alternative to traditional laser pointers that keeps your feline friend active and safe while delivering hours of entertainment. Our LED Pointer Toy utilizes advanced LED technology to project a lifelike fish image that will engage your cat's natural hunting instincts, providing mental stimulation and physical exercise. Unlike laser pointers, which can potentially harm your cat's eyes, our LED Pointer is designed with feline safety in mind. The gentle LED light used to create the fish projection is non-invasive and poses no risk to your cat's sensitive eyes, ensuring a worry-free playtime experience. Bond with your cat through interactive play sessions. Control the fish projection with ease, allowing you to guide and challenge your cat's agility and coordination. Create memorable moments of joy and connection with your furry companion. We include long-lasting batteries, so your cat can dive into playtime right away, and you can enjoy hours of fun without interruptions. Enhance your cat's playtime experience with the LED Pointer - a safe, stimulating, and engaging alternative to laser pointers.