Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

by Turbo

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Turbo Scratcher® Cat Toy

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  • Rounded race track with ball encourages play and exercise.

  • Scratchpad prevents cats from damaging furniture.

  • Catnip included to boost energy during playtime.

  • Non-skid bottom prevents toy from slipping during play.

  • Replacement scratch pads available for long-lasting use.

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Get three toys in one with the Turbo Scratcher® Cat Toy! This rounded race track toy is equipped with a large scratchpad and fun spinning ball to give your cat a variety of playtime options. The race track keeps cats active, while the scratchpad helps prevent cats from damaging furniture. Replacement pads are available to ensure long-lasting use. Sprinkle the catnip included with the toy onto the scratchpad for an added boost of energy during playtime!


Perfect for Scratching. Catnip.


["Encourages active play and exercise in cats.","Satisfies urge to scratch."]