Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

by Turbo

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Turbo Scratcher® Cat Toy
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  • Rounded race track with ball encourages play and exercise.

  • Scratchpad prevents cats from damaging furniture.

  • Catnip included to boost energy during playtime.

  • Non-skid bottom prevents toy from slipping during play.

  • Replacement scratch pads available for long-lasting use.

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Get three toys in one with the Turbo Scratcher® Cat Toy! This rounded race track toy is equipped with a large scratchpad and fun spinning ball to give your cat a variety of playtime options. The race track keeps cats active, while the scratchpad helps prevent cats from damaging furniture. Replacement pads are available to ensure long-lasting use. Sprinkle the catnip included with the toy onto the scratchpad for an added boost of energy during playtime!


Perfect for Scratching. Catnip.


["Encourages active play and exercise in cats.","Satisfies urge to scratch."]

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Customer Reviews

Emma - Aug 13 2022

Too easy to remove ball

My cat loved this toy, but it was too easy for her to get the ball out. I found it the first few times, but now it's lost. Unfortunate that we only got a few hours of use out of the toy,,,

Charlene - May 16 2022

Video of Turbo Scratcher

We just brought home a 10 week old kitten which loves it!

K - Sep 30 2021

Favorite toy!

My cat loves this toy and has played with it daily for a year and a half without tiring of it. She even naps on it.

CJ - Feb 19 2021

The Original Turbo Scratcher

I've changed my review about this product after a customer service representative emailed me back within 24 hours, over my disappointment that my cats too got the ball out. She offered to send me some new balls! Awesomeness!

Kimberly Davis - Dec 25 2019

My Cat Loves Her New Toy!

I just bought my cat this toy for Christmas. She isn't the playing type all the time. She only plays when she wants too and its very rare. So I decided to try her out on this toy. She loves it. It was shocking to see her play but it was very amusing too. I've never seen her enjoy a toy so much. She got pretty wild when she smelled the cat nip that comes with this toy. She hasn't been big on catnip before either but there is something about this toy and the catnip that she enjoys. I highly recommend this toy for anyones cat that isn't the playing type or catnip type. If you want to see your cat play please buy this toy.

HunterAugustus - Aug 22 2019



Ed - Jan 25 2019

Turbo scratchier ball replacement

My cats love the turbo scratchier, but they lost the ball. Can I order replacements?

Kathy - Jan 16 2019

Cats loved it a little too much!

My cats absolutely loved this from day one! The only caveat is that it didn't take long for them to pull the ball out of the track and destroy the cardboard. I would definitely order replacement cardboard if it were available!

Janice Brewington - Oct 6 2018

Turbo Scratcher

Our Bengal cat loves it, but pulled cat treat attachment from center and pulled apart cardboard center of scratch section. Stuffing the torn cardboard section back into the middle does work for long. The accessory base and cardboard are removed by the cat. I need replacement scratch section and will remove accessories from center when the cat is finished with it. I have 2 old pet food containers for our dog and cat toys, treats, extra food, that cannot be opened by the pets.

Amy - Sep 22 2018


The cats love it. Great way to call them. Just fling the ball so it rolls and they come running. I wish the scratch pad lasted longer, though!

Bernadette - Oct 29 2017


Wow! What a FANTASTIC TOY!! I had purchased another toy first that was quite similar only it didn't sit flat on the floor. My Kitty loved it and it would rock & roll up and down. The scratcher became worn out and she was eating the peices of cardboard. When I found this one at PET SMART my husband didn't think she would like it! WRONG I acually had to put it back in the bag & hide it in the cupboard because - - she would become very exhausted playing with it !!! I now have it permanently in the living room with her little house behind it! She now makes a run around the circle & run into her house & back out again to jump on it to try to catch the little while ball!!! BEST TOY EVER!!! After reading the other reviews I found that the white ball lights up? This one is made by Whisker City/Pacific Coastall Distributing Inc.

Terri - Sep 24 2017

Turbo scratcher

My cat is playing with the ball. He hasn't used it as a scratcher yet. I would like to know where the catnip is that is included. I don't see any.

Rhonda - Jul 10 2017


WOW! I saw this on sale at my local pet store and thought the price is right, looks entertaining and serves a functional service with the scratch pad. Brought it home to my 2 kitties and they LOVE it! Best toy ever. They sleep on it, play with it, scratch their claws on it and simply lay on it! Great price too! If you haven't bought one yet go get one! I'm thinking I may need 2.

Edice Durham - Jun 10 2017

Turbo scratcher model#77357

Love this toy, a staple in cat toy box. But can one buy replacement balls, hard to find extras that fit. Rate this a 10+

Cappy Cross - Jan 28 2017

Best cat toy ever so far!

Introduced to this product by a client, who said her cat didn't touch it for over a month, then suddenly took an interest in it and now plays with it every day. Ordered mine to amuse my one adult rescue cat and two new rescue kittens. From the moment I unwrapped it about 4 days ago, they all loved it! They now play with it numerous times a day, individually or for group fun lol. Fantastically simple concept, well made! Ordered a two pack of replacement scratch pads and a one of the LED light balls. The batteries are not replaceable on the light up balls, but the balls are so inexpensive it would be cheaper to just order another ball than the battery replacement cost anyway.

ruth - Oct 24 2016

great item

just place a piece of rubber underneath and it won't slide....like you would use under a rug.

David George - Sep 4 2016

turbo scratcher

My cat would definitely enjoy this toy alot more if it did not slide on my wood floor. It looks like it has a place for rubber feet cast into the base but none came with it. Are the feet available? Otherwise it is a great toy if you put it on carpet.

Beverly - May 10 2016

Bergan Turbo Scratcher with lighted ball

Our cats loved chasing the spinning ball that lights up during movement, but the ball no longer lights up. Is it possible to replace the ball only?